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10 Content Inspirations for Storytelling on Instagram
Communications – PR, Social Media, Content Tools 24 May 2018

10 Content Inspirations for Storytelling on Instagram

Social media has created many new approaches to storytelling in images in recent years. The undisputed king of visual storytelling is, undoubtedly, Instagram. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has offered more than 500 million active users and brands a stylish and fascinating way to capture and share unforgettable moments of their lives. With more than 20 billion shared images, the rapidly growing community inspires with innovative stories in form of images. Instagram is a powerful tool – especially for companies – that can evoke emotions and generate followers with a single image. Time and again, marketers overcome boundaries in design and bring their brand to new levels with visually designed, breathtaking stories. In this blog post, we want to show you some examples of successful brands that can inspire you to captivate your audience with visual storytelling:

Number One: User-Generated Content

Get your subscribers to do something for their own feed and your brand at the same time by creating their own hashtag for your brand. This allows you to re-post the content of your biggest fans directly to your company’s Instagram account. A nice example of user-generated content is @herschelsupply. The most beautiful photo of the fans’ journeys is regularly published on the account – of course with the Herschel backpacks – under their #welltravelled hashtag.

Meeting the locals in Marrakech. Photo: @klemenswhite. #WellTravelled

A post shared by  Herschel Supply Co (@herschelsupply) am

Number Two: Helping People

When people donate to social organizations, they want to be reassured that their donations aren´t lost. @charitywater does an excellent job at providing complete transparency by telling the success-stories of communities benefiting from clean water. Making your efforts public shows what you give back to society, inspire others and thus makes the world a better place.

Number Three: Company Culture

Today, there is a global “War for Talents” and the most famous brands highlight how much fun they are having at work with their new team members. Showing yourself or your colleagues in action is a great way to give the protagonists behind your brand a face. This makes the content you share on Instagram more interesting and personal for your followers. @hootsuite employees use the hashtag #hootsuitelife to present the corporate culture on social media. This gives fans a fairly authentic insight into what is happening in offices around the world.

Number Four: Rewarding Fans

@airbnb does a great job at rewarding their “SuperHosts”. Celebrate your true fans, who by the way are also your biggest brand champions, by telling their stories. This way, you can reward your supporters who actively spread the message of your brand. The Instagram feed also contains impressive pictures of accommodations from all over the world. Apart from the houses however, the most amazing adventures that guests experienced there can be told.

Number Five: The Capture of Real-Time Trends

Take advantage of hashtags on Instagram and send your story to the world. Add your comments to real-time events and big events and you’ll be right in the middle of Instagram discussions.

Number Six: Flat-Lays

So-called “flat-lays” allow you to visualize the brand values and goals in a simple way. They are beautiful to look at and attract people’s attention as followers scroll through your Instagram feed. Get creative ideas from other brands or just brainstorm as a team about photo collections to share with your followers.

Number Seven: Your Product in Action

Presenting the experiences and, more importantly, highlighting the emotions of your supporters while being accompanied by your products in their daily lives, is an efficient way to tell your brand story. Also, show how you produce your product and the creative processes behind its design.

Number Eight: Inspiring Quotes

Instagram calls itself a “visual inspiration platform” and few things offer more direct inspiration than a well-chosen, motivating quote. Get inspired by historical and contemporary personalities and make a selection with quotations that align with your values. You can find great examples at @atticuspoetry.


‘Begin Again’ #atticuspoetry #atticus #love #forever A post shared by  ATTICUS (@atticuspoetry) on 

Number Nine: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories reach more than 300 million people every day and a large portion of this audience watches stories from their favorite brands. This function allows users to share images that are only available for a certain period of time. Spanish burger fans recently enjoyed a free Whopper from the fast food chain Burger King through Instagram Stories, as part of a promotional campaign. After various questions about their favorite ingredients, the followers were then sent a code via DM, which could be redeemed in every branch.

Number Ten: That’s How it Goes

No matter how you want to launch your brand on Instagram, the network and its many features offer innovative ways to build an authentic relationship with your audience. There are countless examples of how to do it right. Take a look at how Instagram pros do their work, how and what they share and to what extent the approach fits the brand. But: It’s not about copying what other brands do! Get inspiration, modify approaches to make them harmonize with your values and messages. Be authentic!

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