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24/7: Storytelling with Instagram Stories
Communications – PR, Social Media, Content Tools 6 August 2019

24/7: Storytelling with Instagram Stories

In recent years, Instagram has become the most important social platform for companies to establish their own brand image and build a community of loyal followers. In 2016, the social media giant launched Instagram Stories, a feature that has become very popular not only among users but also among marketers. One billion people now use the social platform worldwide, and half of them use Instagram Stories on a daily basis.

Creating a flawless Instagram feed is a challenge that many brands now know how to master. The big players, such as Airbnb and others, regularly set new standards here. However, those who want to captivate their followers with the scheduled microvideos have to focus on completely different aspects.

Read the article on our blog to find out why this feature is the perfect storytelling tool for brands to make sure they don’t miss out on any real-time engagement opportunities.

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Ephemeral and unfiltered: Using the live character on Instagram Stories for more closeness

Instagram Stories offer brands the perfect opportunity to share a story with followers in an interactive way. Brands can communicate with the target group directly and spontaneously, but above all personally and without glossy filters. The closeness gained in this way enables both a more human representation of the lived culture, but also a look at the people behind the scenes. One company that regularly lets its followers share in its day-to-day work is Vegavero, a Berlin-based startup for nutritional supplements. In particular, you can follow founder Alexander Kracke as he walks through the office or the company’s allotment garden. A real contrast to the otherwise clean feed!

Vegavero Instagram-Account
Vegavero on Instagram

Brands that know how to use this type of small live event on the smartphone for themselves can not only let the target group participate in corporate developments, but also build up a particularly intensive contact at the same time.

A different approach to communicating values: emotionalizing the community

Another potential of Instagram Stories, which is currently still too rarely used by brands, lies dormant in the illustrated communication of values. One example of a brand that is already doing a lot right is Greenpeace Germany. Here, employees regularly take over Instagram Stories and fight for everything the non-profit organization stands for.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Wir sind noch so überwältigt von gestern! ? Du auch? Bei über 1700 Veranstaltungen in mehr als 128 Ländern demonstrierten zig Menschen für den Klimaschutz. ? Die Veranstalter*innen sind überzeugt, dass die Teilnehmerzahl vom März, damals lag sie bei 1,6 Millionen, überschritten wird. Es kam wieder dieses besondere Silvestergefühl auf, als man aus einer Stadt nach der nächsten die Bilder der energiegeladenen Jugendlichen gesehen hat. ? Danke für eure scheinbar unendlich sprühende Energie für unseren Planeten. ? Durch diese haben auch Erwachsene weltweit Feuer gefangen und sich der Bewegung angeschlossen. ? Was braucht es da noch, damit Menschen für den #Klimaschutz ihr Kreuz setzen? Wir freuen uns auf die EUWahl und sind gespannt auf das Ergebnis. ? . Fotos: ? © Petr Zewlakk Vrabec / Biel Calderon / Jan Zappner / Greenpeace . . . . . #fridaysforfuture #gehwählen #voteclimate #prague #bangkok #EUWahl2019 #fridayforfuture #VoteForMe #EUElections2019 #gretathunberg #scientistsforfuture #teachersforfuture #europa #parentsforfuture #greenpeace @greenpeacejugend @fff_europe

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Greenpeace Deutschland ( am

Among other things, the environmental giant’s code of conduct states: “The work for Greenpeace is based on the organization’s mission and values. Mission and values are the basis of our campaigns – and of the Code of Conduct. All Greenpeacers are obliged to comply with the code. And they support mission and values in their personal lives as well.” The internal values, such as global thinking or cutting edge, but also the appreciation of all fellow campaigners are not only lived by all participants, but also shared and made accessible to the followers via Instagram Stories live. Thanks to the shared world of values, which the viewers can now actively experience, a strong emotional connection to the brand itself is created. The target group is thus unconsciously picked up, confirmed in its values, and bound in the long term.

The call of adventure: customers become heroes through reposting

Companies that don’t want to disrupt their feed aesthetic can also make wonderful use of the feature to share their followers’ hero stories, big and small. Fitness and lifestyle brands in particular, such as Gymondo or Freeletics, are only too happy to post the progress of their followers in their Instagram Stories. Brands in their mentor position thus actively visualize the successes but also the hurdles of their heroes and at the same time motivate the rest of the target group to also start their journey or not to let failures slow them down. Due to their short dwell time, the stories offer a great opportunity to connect your social media portfolio more with your followers and to put them in the spotlight.

Instagram offers brands the perfect playground for a successful brand presence. The Story feature in particular proves that nothing has to be forever in order to attract a lot of attention. Companies that focus on storytelling in the short-lived micro videos are rewarded with a growing, but also consistent following.

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