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Good things come to those who wait: Employer branding for retention in 3 steps
Campfire – Employer Branding 8 May 2024

Good things come to those who wait: Employer branding for retention in 3 steps

Fruit basket (but only one apple per person, please!), coffee machine and table football? Well, thank you for nothing. Most people looking for work are no longer satisfied with this. And that’s a good thing! In the battle for skilled workers, employees are spoiled for choice and demand not only appropriate pay but also other benefits such as training opportunities or flexible working hours.

Internal employer branding plays a decisive role when it comes to not only finding talented employees, but also retaining them in the company in the long term. Let’s take a closer look at three key elements for successful internal employer branding.

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Action, Baby! Attractive offers to promote employee satisfaction

The first step in designing effective internal employer branding is to take active steps to create a positive work environment. This is not about free snacks or a chic lounge corner. No, employees want genuine commitment to their well-being and further professional development. Here is a selection of possible measures:

Regular feedback meetings: It is important that each individual feels heard. Regular feedback meetings allow employees to express their needs and concerns and give the company the opportunity to address them and bring about positive changes.

Targeted development opportunities: An investment in the further training of the team is an investment in the future of the company. Targeted training and development opportunities enable employees to realize their full potential and develop in their role.

Flexible working time models and home office options: The days when you had to be in the office from nine to five every day are over. Thank goodness! Flexible working time models and the option to work from home improve the work-life balance and increase job satisfaction. They can also be a real productivity booster – after all, a person’s personal biorhythm influences their performance.

Work benefits and rewards: A small thank you can often work wonders. Benefits such as additional services, perks and rewards for special achievements show employees that their work is valued and motivate them to give their best.

Through these well thought-out and, above all, individually tailored measures, the company proves that it cares about the well-being of its talents and takes their personal and professional needs seriously!

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It’s a Match: Cultural congruence and value compatibility

Similar to online dating… well, let’s not go there. In any case, a further step for successful internal employer branding is to ensure compatibility of values between the company and its employees. Of course, the employer must first have a clear set of values. How does that work? We have put together an exciting trilogy on the topic of value communication! Looking inwards, this means above all:

Clear communication of corporate values: Corporate values must not just be on paper. Potential new talents usually discover this during the job interview. The company’s DNA must be actively lived and not just communicated to the outside world. It is essential that employees understand what the employer stands for and can identify with it. For a congruent overall picture, it can also be worthwhile selecting suppliers or cooperation partners according to these criteria.

Creating an inclusive and diverse working environment: Diversity is a strength! It should no longer be an issue in 2024, but companies must ensure that they create a working environment in which all colleagues feel welcome and valued, regardless of gender, origin or personal beliefs.

Promoting an open and transparent communication culture: Openness and transparency are crucial for the team’s trust in the company. Every employee should feel free to express their thoughts and ideas without fear of negative consequences.

The aim of value compatibility between the company and its workforce is to communicate a uniform image both internally and externally and to ensure that employees feel a long-term connection with their employer and actively contribute to its success.

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Retention: Long-term loyalty through continuous maintenance of the employer brand

Finally at their destination: the newly recruited talents feel at home in the company and identify with their employer! Now what? The third key to long-term successful internal employer branding lies in the continuous maintenance and strengthening of the internal employer brand. Because even after the employees are on board, it is important to continue to inspire and retain them.

Regular review and adjustment of employee retention measures: We know it all too well from our private lives: our own needs change. This is no different in the work context. It is therefore important that employee retention measures are also regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure that they continue to be effective. The key to success here is continuous and transparent dialog.

Promoting a positive corporate culture and a healthy working environment: A positive corporate culture and a healthy working environment are crucial for the long-term satisfaction and retention of committed employees. Companies should take care to create a working environment in which their employees feel comfortable and valued. In addition to physical health, it is important to consider mental well-being, which is often neglected.

Creating development opportunities and career prospects: Creative minds want to develop and grow. Employers are well advised to offer opportunities for professional development and career prospects. Otherwise, talented people will quickly leave and look for other challenges. Here, too, it is essential to first evaluate personal strengths and then support them individually (a mandatory data protection course is not the kind of training that makes employees’ eyes sparkle).

In today’s world, the symbolic fruit basket alone is not enough to attract and retain talent. It takes action, match and then retention – in other words, continuous efforts to retain the best minds in the company. You can find out more in our complete employer branding funnel from awareness to reputation.

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