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Companies as newsrooms: Why a brand newsroom is the perfect solution

All topics come together in the brand newsroom to then reach the right readers in a structured, targeted manner and at the right time. What benefits the editorial team of a newspaper can mean the start of a new phase in content management for companies.

After all, many things happen in a company every day. And just as many deserve to be told. By setting up a brand newsroom, companies are turning their weekly updates into editorial meetings, their departments into sections and their employees into editors. This new title already contains our definition of a brand newsroom. This does not necessarily mean a physical location or the expansion of an existing team. Rather, a brand newsroom is a project in which employees take on new roles and processes – precisely those of a medium.

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Revolution on the company floor: Redefining internal communication with a brand newsroom!

By setting up a brand newsroom, companies can bring their internal topics to the right readers in a structured and targeted manner. Similar to a newspaper newsroom, weekly updates are turned into editorial meetings, departments into sections and employees into editors. This is not necessarily about building a new team or setting up a physical location – rather, it is a project to introduce new roles and processes within the company that resemble a medium. Such an approach can represent a new phase for content management and help to tell internal stories.

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Effective content planning in the brand newsroom: Tips from department heads

Editors, department heads, chiefs of staff: the roles and areas of responsibility in the new Brand Newsroom can vary greatly depending on how much time is spent on regular meetings and topic planning. The ways in which we can support you with your brand newsroom are just as varied. Depending on the company, we recommend different models – whether or not our consultants continue to be part of the editorial team after your brand newsroom has been set up and implemented in the team and company is just one of many factors.

But one thing applies in any case: the brand newsroom is not suitable as a spontaneous project. The benefits really become clear when the structures and understanding of roles in the team have been learned. Because this is precisely where the opportunity lies: if your employees also see themselves as your reporters, content can grow out of every event. The brand newsroom requires a clear distribution of roles and tasks within the team, which can look different depending on the company. The support of consultants during implementation is recommended, but the structures should also be internalized within the team afterwards. This is the only way employees can act as reporters and generate content at any time. A spontaneous project is not suitable for the brand newsroom – the full potential can only be exploited with a well-established way of working.

A brand newsroom can mean a revolution in internal and external communication for companies. Weekly updates are transformed into editorial meetings, departments into divisions and employees into editors. The set-up requires a clear distribution of roles and tasks within the team in order to exploit the full potential. Spontaneous implementation is not recommended; instead, there should be a well-established way of working within the team. The support of consultants during implementation can be helpful.

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Why you should rely on a Brand Newsroom:

  • Effective organization: With the Brand Newsroom, you have the opportunity to organize your topics effectively and communicate them specifically to the right readers.
  • Increase in content quality: By setting up a brand newsroom, weekly updates become editorial meetings, which leads to an increase in content quality and thus also increases the interest of your target group.
  • Optimization of content management: The brand newsroom offers you the opportunity to optimize your content management and thus react more quickly to current events.
  • Involvement of everyone in the team: A brand newsroom involves a new distribution of roles within your company as well as adapted process management to ensure successful implementation.