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Limelight to Backstage: 4 Levels of CEO Storytelling

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Five secrets about copywriting I wish I’d known sooner

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Time for Change – Storytelling in Change Management

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Message to the people – This is what great CEO letters look like

What makes CEO letters successful? When do employees and other interest groups feel they are being picked up? Which messages motivate and inspire the team?Read More

A room full of heroes: Storytelling for Speeches Part I

Like a good book or a thrilling film, a speech should inspire, engage and, above all, be remembered. In our new series about Storytelling for Speeches, we show how every speaker can become a real master storyteller. Let’s start with the role of the speaker.Read More

Check, One, Two: How Companies Find the Right Stage for Their Presentation

From the right audience to storytelling charm: Our Mashie Mira reveals how to find the right speaker opportunities for your company.Read More

Of raining cats and dogs and a heart of gold: The power of metaphors

The power of words lies in the associations they evoke – especially metaphors. They awaken feelings, memories and curiosity, and can even influence one’s own thoughts and actions. We took a closer look at what this means for PR, marketing, HR and politics.Read More

How to become a Speech Pro in ten GIFs:

Your lecture should be attached in minds and and capture your audiende. We have some tips for a successful presentation.Read More

3 TED Talk Role Models for Successful Storytelling in Speeches

Thanks to the TED talks and successful storytelling in speeches, topics such as science, art and business are more exciting than ever.Read More

Trump and the dark side of storytelling

What do Donald J. Trump and the dark side of storytelling have in common? We took a closer look at his rhetoric.Read More

Yes He Can: Barack Obama’s Storytelling

US President and successful storyteller – We are inspired by Barack Obama’s stories and have compiled our favorite moments.Read More