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Stories have always been the most important link in a community. Thousands of years ago, lessons, family histories and natural events were transmitted to the next generation around the campfire. With the help of our “Corporate Campfires”, we want to revive this tradition in your company and thereby turn your team building event into a whole new experience.

Storytelling is not just about the heroic moments of big speeches, presentations, or annual meetings of the top league. Storytelling can be integrated into many levels of management and collaboration on a daily basis: stories of extraordinary achievements of individual employees, insights gained through their own failures, or shared values make for successful leadership moments.

Which team moments and leadership events are available for Corporate Campfires?

  • Set a vision for the future
  • Defining success in customer service
  • Defining corporate culture
  • Establish values
  • Promote cooperation and relationships
  • Value diversity
  • Motivate employees
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Understanding customers
  • Generate content for brand storytelling
Lagerfeuer am Strand

The focus is on your employees and their stories in the company. As before, around the campfire, we reflect on the most defining episodes of each individual and the strengths of your entire organization. The aim of the workshop is to manifest the values of your company and give your employees a stage. At the same time we collect the most exciting stories to continue your chronicles internally and externally.


  • History and benefits of storytelling
  • Basics of storytelling: the hero and the mentor
  • Storylistening: finding employee stories based on the hero’s journey (group work and moderation)
  • Creative storytelling: storytelling methods and tools for sharing stories among each other


  • Individually tailored workshop
  • Flexible appointment and location choice
  • On request, with catering
  • On request, supplemented with additional playful activities
  • documentation