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In times of more and more remote work, when teams very rarely see each other in person, employees often lead a working relationship with distance. Therefore, even with the right tools and a lot of trust, it is increasingly difficult for managers to lead a team with distance and to keep the needs of employees in mind. Storytelling can be integrated on a daily basis at many levels of management and collaboration. Stories about extraordinary successes of individual employees, about insights gained only through one’s own failures, or about individual values make for successful leadership moments.

Occasions for corporate campfires can be:

  • Set a vision for the future
  • Define corporate culture
  • Establish values
  • Promote collaboration and relationships
  • Valuing diversity
  • Motivate employees

The focus is on your employees and their stories in the company. Just like around the campfire in the past, we reflect on the most formative episodes of each individual and the strengths of your entire organization. The goal of the workshop is to manifest your company’s values and give your employees a stage. At the same time, we collect the most exciting stories to continue your chronicle internally and externally.

Contents of the workshop

  • Storytelling basics: company as hero and mentor
  • Storylistening: Employee stories based on the hero’s journey
  • Value communication: Filling corporate values with stories
  • Telling anecdotes with storytelling methods
  • Selection and recommendations for further use of stories

What do you take away from the workshop?

  • Introduction to the basics of storytelling
  • Creative Storytelling: Learning and applying storytelling methods and tools for sharing stories with one another
  • Storylistening: collecting employee stories that can be used for internal and external company communications
Screen mit Videokonferenz

Highlights of the workshops

  • Learn storytelling methods and implement them directly
  • Workshop as teambuilding measure for individual occasions and leadership moments
  • Employee stories can be used for content marketing or employer branding
  • Experienced storytelling experts as workshop leaders and facilitators

We offer you:

  • Customized workshop exactly according to your needs
  • Flexible choice of dates
  • Webinar via Zoom or your own webinar provider
  • If desired, supplemented with further playful additional activities
  • Documentation (video recording and/or written)