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Facebook too old, TikTok too young, Clubhouse too new – social media is so important to businesses, organizations and ultimately us humans that the biggest platform providers, like us, are constantly evolving. As some lose relevance, others virtually sprout from the bottom of our displays. One platform, on the other hand, is bucking all the trends, is constantly growing in every age group, and is unceasingly opening up new areas of application.

One in four Germans has already made an Instagram login in his or her life. The platform, which started out as a lifestyle photo Facebook, is still just that today – but now much more. At the latest since the Instagram Story feature changed the definition of a post forever in August 2016, Instagram, and with it Instagram marketing, has become the central hub of content marketing for many companies. Rightly so?

Answers to this question can be found by looking at the arguments used by companies against using an Instagram agency: “Our target group is too old – We only want B2B marketing – Instagram is not the right environment for our product” – Today, however, with the right Instagram marketing strategy, it is possible to interact with any group of people. While the focus of users is often still on the private sphere, the topics talked about on the platform go far beyond that.

Politics, climate change, justice – the stories that people want to talk about nowadays, even in a private context, make Instagram one of the most important news platforms. The opportunity this presents for companies is to participate in these very conversations, to show attitude and internal values, away from beauty, travel and food content. A corporate presence on Instagram allows brands to share their vision and mission in a place where people are receptive to it. So even B2B companies can build a brand here.

So Instagram can also play a crucial role for employer branding or in recruiting. Whatever goals a company wants to pursue on Instagram, the nearly 20 million German users are just waiting!