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Marlene Dietrich, Helmut Schmidt, Oprah Winfrey or the Obamas – at first glance these people seem to have nothing in common. But on closer inspection they do. They have all built an extraordinary personal brand; with the potential to outlast time. While most people still think of “brand” as a company and its image, individuals can and should also be behind a convincing brand.

Studies have proven that people prefer to support companies when they can identify with their managers. Sharing one’s own values, ideas and convictions as CEO or head of a company is therefore the way to the heart of the audience. Strong personal brands also increase the credibility and expert status of both the specialist and the company behind him. They are thus the basis for a loyal target group. As an agency for PR and brand storytelling, we focus on brand building by telling stories. Whether in traditional media, on LinkedIn or the company’s own blog: We accompany you from the first step to your (almost) immortal personal brand.

In a first workshop, we will use storytelling principles and together find out what the cornerstones of your personal brand are. What stops have you already made on your hero’s journey? What values do you represent every day, whether at work or in your private life? Because we want to paint as authentic a picture of you as possible to the outside world, we want to get to know you as well as possible. In order to be able to set up an accurate personal branding strategy, we next focus on your target group. Who do you want to reach? What are the needs of your audience? What can you offer your target group as a mentor? With these insights, we round off our branding concept so that we can then take off with you in personal branding.