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Anyone who has Googled a recipe, a home decorating style, or a DIY idea in the last eleven years knows it. The platform that managed to become one of the most important social commerces in the world for good reason, the place where almost half a billion people give you instructions and inspiration for living: Pin your sorrows away – Pinterest!

Yet another platform to join the other already numerous “musts” of social media activity? Without question: Pinterest for companies means, in the first step, the development of a separate strategy, in the second, the creation of content that cannot always be reused on other platforms, and in the third, the maintenance of a profile that costs time and expertise. And yet: A Pinterest company profile is worth it! On no other platform has buying been so closely linked to user activity since its inception. The possibilities to promote products with the functions of the web app and Pinterest app make any ordinary store pale.

Pinterest recipes, Pinterest Christmas decorations, Pinterest Mother’s Day – the omnipresence of Pinterest content on the web can be explained by founder Evan Sharp’s original vision. While competitors such as Instagram and Snapchat invite users to linger on their respective platforms, Pinterest wants to encourage its users to find inspiration and then implement it in the offline world. Pinterest is therefore not the place where people talk about what they think, but about what they do. Less self-promotion, higher focus on topics.

When a company launches its presence on Pinterest with us, the reach and sheer number of interactions quickly create buzz. Pinterest’s technical framework drives comparatively high traffic to stores and company sites. Pinterest images appear on Google and immediately bring new customers to the purchase option. But even away from the hard KPIs that are satisfied, Pinterest is a place where content marketing works in a refreshing way. Pin by pin, repin by repin, brands can build theme worlds together with their community in a unique way.