Brand Newsroom: The Control Center For Your Content

So many things happen in the world every day that the people whose job it is to tell others about them have decided to create a place where all the information first comes together. No matter from which country and which area of life – all topics meet in the newsroom in order to then find their way to the right readers in a structured, targeted manner and at the right time. What benefits the editorial staff of a newspaper can be the starting signal for a new phase in content management for companies.

After all, many things happen in a company every day. And just as many deserve to be told. By setting up a brand newsroom, companies are turning their weekly updates into editorial meetings, their departments into sections and their employees into editors. In this new title lies our definition of a brand newsroom. It does not necessarily mean a physical location, nor does it mean the expansion of an existing team. Rather, a brand newsroom is a project in which employees assume new roles and processes – precisely those that resemble a medium.

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Editors, department heads, chiefs on duty: How differentiated the roles and areas of responsibility are in the new brand newsroom, how much time goes into regular meetings and topic planning, can vary greatly. The ways in which we can support you in your brand newsroom are just as varied. Depending on the company, different models are recommended – whether or not our consultants continue to be part of the editorial team after your brand newsroom has been set up and implemented in the team and company is only one of many factors.

But one thing is true in any case: The Brand Newsroom is not suitable as a spontaneous project. The benefits become really clear when the structures and role understandings in the team have been learned. Because this is exactly where the opportunity lies: If your employees also see themselves as your reporters, content can grow from every event.