Case: aspUraclip

The aspUraclip, filled with organic essential oils, is a mobile mini-breezer for the nose that provides individual feel-good moments anywhere and at any time.



The press work and content marketing started in July 2020 with the mission to bring essential oils more into focus and, above all, to show a variety of application possibilities that go beyond the classic use. In particular, it was about aspUraclip’s approach to bring the effect of essential oils also into everyday life and thus the urban space. Be it wearing the clip under a mask, on the way to work or in the office as well as during sports. With stories about the products, which consolidate aspUraclip’s expert status, we convinced relevant key media, influencers and the community on social media.


We supported the rebranding of aspUraclip from a medical product to a wellness product. The main task was to retain the trust of users who had already been won over by the success on Die Höhle der Löwen, as well as to generate further users for the new scent directions of the clip. With a focus on expertise, emotional appeal and an interested community, we were able to establish aspUraclip as a modern brand even with the new approach.

Success Report

With our PR work, we use lifestyle advice topics to raise awareness of the areas of application and benefits of essential oils and show how they can lead to more mindfulness and serenity in everyday life. In August 2020, we began operational press work and were able to achieve over 70 publications in relevant lifestyle and health media by August 2021. These included product tests, guest articles and advice reports on aromatherapy and the Super Scents in print and online, including freundin, Shape, and Jolie. In addition, founder features and several contributions to Die Höhle der Löwen and an associated recap appeared at Startup Valley, Promiflash or, among others.

With our own image material, diverse content formats on tips and tricks, product photos, inspirations and affirmations, we design a varied social media feed that is color-coordinated with the products. Smaller influencer collaborations and testimonials from satisfied customers round off the Instagram and Facebook presence and promote exchange with the community.

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Example Influencer Cooperation


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Marcel Becker (@_marcelbecker)

_marcelbecker: As a digital creator, Marcel loves and presents everything that has to do with beauty, fashion and lifestyle. While jogging, he uses and demonstrates the Mini-Breezer Eucalyptus and integrates it into his daily sports routine.

happydings: Christina is a self-love coach and always empowers her followers for strength and self-worth. In addition to her happiness courses and everyday tips, she enthusiastically reports on the aspUraclip Mini-Breezer in her story.

lebensgefuehle: Claudia is a blogger, radiates a lot of positivity and joie de vivre on her profile and has tested the Mini-Breezer Lavender Scent while doing yoga to unwind and presented it to her community.