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An eye for detail, honest fascination and dedication to data-driven marketing: these are the values that the digital agency Echte Liebe already represents in its company name.

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since November 2019


Echte Liebe agency is considered a pioneer in the field of programmatic advertising in Germany. As one of the first service providers, the company has made it its business to play out advertising media cost-efficiently and with a high degree of target group accuracy on the basis of available data. Echte Liebe focuses primarily on medium-sized businesses.

Echte Liebe agency is going through a period of change. While its expertise in programmatic advertising already enjoys notoriety in the scene, the task now is to connect the brand with other digital, data-driven marketing options. Just as Echte Liebe is becoming more broadly positioned, communications should also accompany the change away from being an agency only for programmatic advertising to a fully comprehensive “full service” provider.

With public relations, on the one hand, we want to create a media buzz in the marketing industry to highlight the company’s major growth and changes. On the other hand, our goal is also to make the Echte Liebe brand better known to potential customers and to position it in trade publications in various industries – from industrial manufacturing to logistics and the digital economy.


One challenge arises from the targeted media. Online marketing, especially the data-driven approach, is a discipline in need of explanation. Especially in vertical trade media, there is often hardly any space for detailed explanations, the understanding of which would already presuppose an intensive engagement with data-driven marketing. It is important to make the modern, digital way of advertising accessible to traditional industries and medium-sized companies, where a dedicated website and social media channels sometimes already represent the maximum of digital communication.

For this reason, our approach is to always simplify processes and not emphasize the complexity of data-driven marketing. Sometimes it is not an easy task to communicate complex issues in a way that everyone can understand. By overcoming the so-called “curse of knowledge”, we also want to address and convince all those for whom programmatic advertising, SEA or inbound marketing is still new territory.


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The operational cooperation began in December 2019. The publications we were able to achieve from then on range from trade media from the marketing/media sectors such as adzine, W&V, t3n or Internet World Business to media from industrial sectors and SMEs, e.g. MaschinenMarkt or kmuMagazin.