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As a pioneer of digital job placement, freelancermap specializes in clients and highly qualified freelancers in the IT and engineering industry.

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since September 2017


Through our collaboration, we want to establish freelancermap as the first point of contact for experts from the IT and engineering industry in the DACH region. To this end, we built up, among other things, the annual market study “Freelancer Compass” into an industry indicator and were able to significantly increase the visibility of the project platform on the web and in the general public with the help of the continuous PR and brand storytelling strategy.


freelancermap already has a long history – for over ten years the platform has offered the possibility to connect clients and contractors – over 50,000 experts and more than 18,000 companies. The platform was well known among experts, but the media visibility was missing. The challenge was to share the knowledge about opportunities and challenges of freelancers, freelancers and self-employed with the media world, to establish Thomas Maas as an industry expert and at the same time to sustainably increase the awareness of freelancermap. Although the specially implemented market study offered many interesting facts and trends about the freelancer business, it lacked the visibility of these exciting results.


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In September 2017, the operational cooperation started, a few weeks before the publication of the Freelancer Compass 2017. Through our PR and data storytelling work for freelancermap, we were able to significantly increase the brand awareness of the platform.

“The keyword ‘freelancermap’ is now searched for more than twice as often across Germany as it was before we started working together. Page impressions have also increased to more than double since October 2017.”

Freelancermap and its study gained significantly in reputation and credibility. For example, even dpa, among others, already made use of the Freelancer Compass for its editorial reporting. In addition, wide-reaching media such as Handelsblatt, t3n, FAZ and heise report the news on the annual publication. So far, we have achieved over 490 clippings in online and print media.

freelancermap and our values:

Optimism & enthusiasm: “Tommy and his team believe in a happy ending for every new story. Especially when it came to creating an article on the Freelancer Compass at Wikipedia, they impressively demonstrated their optimism. Despite strong headwinds from the Wikipedia community, they didn’t give up and successfully argued for the relevance of the article.”

Humor & Serenity: “On the one-year anniversary of our online marketing manager, who is also the contact person for the Mashup Communications team, Team Zeitgeist congratulated her with a humorous thank-you email packaged as a press release.”