Case: Tickaroo

Tickaroo, with its state-of-the-art live content technology, offers a complete solution for professional reporters in the news and event sector as well as sports coverage.

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Public Relations

since Dezember 2011

Reporting and media consumption patterns are changing. Learned from social media platforms, online readers strive for short news. Live tickers or live blogs have become an indispensable source of news, especially in sport. But even major publishers, such as SPIEGEL ONLINE or, are now betting on live news blogs to win over their readers. Long, detailed background articles are still relevant, but short, concise news is first priority. Today’s readers are self-sufficient and look for their own detailed information. But first they want what they are really interested in: News!


Tickaroo started 2011 with a B2C solution that enabled live reporting for hobby reporters in lower amateur leagues. We were able to establish Tickaroo as a pioneer in this field. But soon renowned publishers with a large reach became aware of the Regensburg-based company. Our mission was to accompany the expansion and focus on the B2B sector and to establish Tickaroo also as a specialist in live reporting.


For several years, Tickaroo stood for live sports coverage in the amateur sector. After focusing on the B2B sector, it was now a challenge to popularize the company among large media and publishing houses as well as event organizers. The founders Matthew Ulbrich, Naomi Owusu and Andreas Gerauer served as faces of the company. Our task was to disseminate their knowledge in the fields of reporting, innovation, technology and media and to manifest their competence. Along with their expertise and product, Tickaroo was to be established as a leading live content specialist in the B2B segment.

After working with the Tickaroo team for several years as part of the Hobby Reporter solution, the PR work for the B2B relaunch started in December 2016. With bylines, press releases and interviews, we were able to achieve more than 215 clippings, among others at Handelsblatt, W&V, Horizont and kress.

Status as of April 2020