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Digital Business Storytelling

Digital B2B Services

Whether it’s digital accounting, mobile POS systems or video conferencing technology, smart B2B solutions simplify processes for companies so that they can concentrate on what’s important – their customers. We position your company with its services as an expert and mentor in trade as well as general-interest media, and through your own content channels.

Digital Home

Cooking, learning, fitness, playing – digital platforms, apps and gadgets make life in our own four walls more fun and connected. This is no mere luxury, but – especially in the (post-) corona era – an essential part of our everyday life. We help you with catchy as well as serious stories to educate about new technologies and inspire customers. We make sure that you get on the radar of your target group.

Digital Home Storytelling
Media Marketing Storytelling

Media & Marketing

Publishers are going digital. Mobile apps offer ever better targeting. Companies advertise online with their customer reviews or address their customers directly via e-mail campaigns. Communication between consumers and brands is becoming more complex than ever. With the combination of PR, content marketing and social media, we keep an eye on every development in the media industry and all areas of digital marketing.

IT, Tech & Security

Gadgets, chat bots, data sharing via the cloud – these are all results and at the same time engines of a digitalized world. But how does the desire of consumers and companies for the latest technology arise? And how can companies like yours contribute to more education, security and empowerment? We always have our finger on the pulse of the times and together with you will explore the digital future.

IT Tech Security Storytelling
Mobility Adventure Storytelling

Mobility & Adventure

Adventure is waiting outside. When we are in nature, sharing experiences with other people, exploring the world, trying out hobbies, we feel new energy. But the way we move around changes step by step. Innovative mobility concepts help us to get from A to B more flexibly and environmentally consciously. Using individual story formats, we let your target group immerse itself in the adventure of “mobility of the future”.

Interior & Style

Today, more than ever before, one’s own four walls are a place of retreat and space for self-realization. No matter whether it’s sustainably knotted carpets, homemade cosmetics or novel online shop concepts – with captivating storytelling we establish a strong image for your brands in the fashion and interior sector. We combine refreshing PR with brand marketing and bring your company reliably into the home of your target group.

Interior Style Storytelling
Body Health Storytelling

Health & Food

Vegan food is conquering the shelves of supermarkets. Start-ups as well as corporations are bringing alternatives to sugar and unhealthy ingredients to the market. Superfoods and plant essences offer supplements for our well-being. More and more people are striving for a better body feeling. With the right content formats, we ensure that you become an indispensable companion on your customers’ wellness journey.

Healthcare, Pharma & Medical Technology

When one thinks of the pharma industry, many people associate sterile images, dry facts and of course risks and side effects. The field offers the perfect breeding ground for storytelling, since it is always about one thing: human health. A more emotional hook could hardly be found. We support healthcare companies in finding the right prescription for their story.

Pharma Healthcare Storytelling
Industrial Energy Storytelling

Industrial, Manufacturing & Energy

Every screw and every production step has an interconnected role and therefore deserves its own chapter in corporate communication. Whether automotive suppliers, textile manufacturers, industrial lighting or energy companies – we help brands to give their complex processes a unique message that will stick with employees, corporate customers and the general public.

Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

Finance and real estate businesses deal with hard facts, logic and evidence, which are best presented with numbers, statistics, tables and graphs. We offer a counterbalance here and use storytelling techniques to tell stories about your products and companies in an emotional and gripping way. This makes the small but significant difference.

Finance Real Estate Storytelling
Tourism Storytelling

Tourism & Travel Industry

Travel will not be the same in a post-Corona era, especially since the industry is already completely transformed by digitalization. At the same time, cities, tourist regions and hotels are searching for their unique history in the course of an ever increasing globalization. We use the tools of brand storytelling to support tourism companies in these new challenges.