Beratung PR

Public relations is a broad field, a long journey and an important part of marketing. In our PR consulting we show holistic strategies for individual phases of a company. We follow a specially developed storytelling approach that focuses on the target group. As a PR agency, we specify the right audience, develop core messages together, identify the opportunities and risks, and derive key media and the appropriate PR measures from this. In this way, we find the most effective way to reach the goal, with a view to achieving a lasting impression in the media and building the brand.

Beratung B2C PR

We inspire consumer media with colorful topics or serious consumer education.

Beratung B2B-PR

The trade press is meant for people who provide expertise and industry insights.

Beratung Strategie

A strategy lays the foundation, which message reaches the right audience in which medium.

Beratung Personal Branding

Behind every company are people whose media presence we take to the next level.

Beratung Daten-PR

Surveys, data collection and statistics provide a rich source of information for press work.

Beratung Krisenkommunikation

Those who think about tomorrow’s scenarios today will remain confident in any crisis.

Beratung Content Marketing

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to establish a presence with their own media and develop formats and content that will be retold over and over again, especially to potential customers. Storytelling in content marketing enables brands to entertain, inform and involve their audience chapter by chapter. Storytelling tools also provide orientation and a clear attitude in the strategic selection and production of suitable content, channels and formats. We are one of the agencies that help companies find, establish and develop their ideal way in content marketing

Beratung B2C PR

Those who create content that entertains, inspires and enlightens the audience are rewarded with loyal followers.

Beratung B2B-PR

In the B2B landscape there are still a number of niches to be filled with industry content.

Beratung Redaktion

Every company has many stories to tell, which we cast in the right mould.

Beratung Inbound Content

Lead after lead, content that attracts your target audience

Beratung SEO

Good search engine optimization is mainly about high-quality content and text.

Beratung Podcast

The spoken word goes straight to the audience’s ears and creates a loyal relationship.

Beratung Whitepaper
Beratung Geschäftsberichte
Beratung Video
Beratung Blog
Beratung Brand Newsroom
Beratung Social Media

In addition to the strategic design and daily support of corporate blogs, we also support brands as a social media agency. Whether daily postings and stories on Instagram and Facebook, content with special added value on Pinterest or social B2B communication on Twitter and LinkedIn – we find, tell and design company stories in text, graphics, photo and video in such a way that they reach the right target groups. We are convinced that social media should focus on the community and that communication should never remain one-sided. This is how we build up our own followership for brands with daily community management, tailored content, relevant hashtags and reacting to current trends.

Beratung Community Management

Only with interaction and a uniform tonality can the community be built and held together.

Beratung Content Management

Good content management across all platforms saves money and time.

Beratung Strategie

We advise on which channels really suit the product and company so as not to get lost in the sea of possibilities.

Beratung Influencer Relations

As opinion leaders of a digital generation, they are an important amplifier for companies and brands.

Beratung Instagram
Beratung LinkedIn
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Beratung YouTube
Beratung Employer Branding

As an agency for employer branding, we know from experience that a corporate culture must not only be lived, but also told. A convincing employer brand not only addresses potential applicants (external employer branding), but also appeals to current employees (internal employer branding). Employees are the most important heroes and heroines and at the same time the best narrators. The point is to paint an authentic and attractive picture as an employer. Through their glasses it is possible to address future applicants at eye level. Instead of theoretical arguments for corporate culture and the quality of jobs (employer value proposition), employee stories give them a face.

Consulting New Work EN

With the help of emotional storylistening and rousing storytelling, we accompany you on your way into the New Work world.

Diversity and Inclusion in Employer Branding

We’ll help you find the right employee stories in your company that pay into inclusive and diverse employer branding.

Beratung Brand Building

A brand is like a character in a story: gritty and fearless like Han Solo, enchanting, mysterious and caring like Mary Poppins or wise and protective like Dumbledore. With their characteristics, values and goals, an individual character is formed, with its own story, attitude, appearance and language. Whether for individual products, departments or the entire branding – as an agency we help brands find, design and develop their identity. In doing so, we rely on the help of storytelling tools. We turn an idea into a corporate identity with which the public can identify and which gives your stories a stringent communication and brand management.

Beratung Interne Kommunikation

Internal communication is one of the cornerstones of a value-oriented corporate culture. It is the recipe of successful companies and ensures the transfer of relevant information. The constant exchange and dialogue between management and employees or between employees themselves should aim at appreciation and motivation. These are the driving forces of success. As experts for storytelling, we advise how you as a company can succeed in sharing knowledge, experiences and lessons learned with your team and how you can grow together even stronger.

Beratung Leadership Storytelling

In order to sensitize the top of the company for the right communication, it is worthwhile to start a management training.

Beratung Change Management

A clear golden thread that accompanies transformation and creates confidence is essential in change communication.

Beratung kununu
Beratung Wertekommunikation
Beratung Onboarding
Beratung Storytelling für Reden
Beratung Unternehmenskultur
Beratung Corporate Publishing
Beratung Kampagnen-Entwicklung

A successful campaign that attracts a lot of attention from the target group is essential for every company. In addition to image building, campaigns help to retain existing customers, acquire new customers and increase sales of products or services. Today it has become more difficult than ever to stand out from the mass of providers on the market. What successful campaigns have in common is that they appeal to us with a great deal of creativity or even humor and show a clear vision in which people want to participate. They must be authentic and reach deep into the target group’s world of needs. The prerequisite for a successful campaign is that a brand is clear about how it wants to position itself.