Corporate Blog

Every company has valuable specialist knowledge and industry expertise. The problem: Often this know-how lies dormant in the heads of individual employees, in brochures, stapled away documents or the internal database and is therefore not accessible to colleagues or the masses. Through a corporate blog, institutions have the opportunity to share this useful information and establish themselves as thought leaders and industry experts. It’s also an excellent tool for building customer loyalty, accelerating purchasing decisions, reinforcing your corporate culture and values, and generating applicants and leads.

Writing a blog is thus practically part of a company’s good manners. While only 36 percent of Fortune 500 companies had a blog in 2016, this figure rose to over half two years later. By 2020, a full 77 percent of top companies had integrated a corporate blog on their website (Center for Marketing Research – Umass Dartmouth). This is a good decision, because the advantages are many: on the one hand, it can serve as a newsroom for employees, on the other hand, it is a useful editorial center for journalists and increases the visibility and reach of a company in search engines.

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Another advantage: There are no limits to the content of the blog post. Job postings, expert tips, statistics, technical articles, interviews and news can all find sufficient space here. It can be a service point and help center, or it can be designed as an independent online magazine. However, a blog primarily functions as a content marketing channel and content center for internal and external communication.

Blog articles are also an important multimedia content marketing tool for corporate communications, as they can be used to reach almost all target groups and strengthen employer branding. Personal texts, for example about the daily work routine or the extraordinary hobby of individual employees, the last team event or the sharing of important learnings make your company approachable and credible.

We help you find the right content for your blog post. Our consultants write content such as expert articles and company stories, they create whitepapers, infographics, checklists and much more. In targeted storylistening sessions, we work with you and your team to find the exciting stories that lie dormant in every company and its employees. We advise you strategically on the selection of topics and images and provide you with a monthly report. The formula for success is simple: more content, more transparency, more credibility.