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creditsafe case study


Public Relations, Data Storytelling, Content Marketing, Media Training

since January 2018


As a credit agency, Creditsafe has relevant insights into various industries and companies. The mission is to communicate the company’s expertise, the accuracy of the data offered and the quality of the information provided, and to position Creditsafe as one of the largest providers in this field. We regularly prepare relevant economic information for various industries and provide the relevant specialized media with reliable information. Credit agencies are experts in data – in PR, we put them in the spotlight and uncover ever new hidden stories between numbers and statistics.


Credit reports have a centuries-old tradition, so there are many established players in the market. Creditsafe is a young player in this industry, but has nevertheless left a lasting mark on the industry through an innovative approach as well as modern products. The challenge is to position Creditsafe as the fastest growing and most widely used credit bureau in the world. To this end, the company’s USPs, such as the pricing model with the unrestricted use of business information or the quality of the available data, must be particularly emphasized in communications.


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In January 2018, we started operational cooperation. Since then, we have been able to achieve over 290 publications. Clippings appeared on the one hand in national general interest media such as BILD, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or Capital, on the other hand in trade media of various industries such as Verkehrsrundschau, heise, Industrieanzeiger or stahl und eisen.

“The team regularly surprises us with exciting story ideas to give our data a stage. No matter if it’s an evaluation of the balance sheets from the startups of ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ or analyses of the payment behavior of German companies: Mashup Communications supports us in turning dry numbers into lively stories.”

– Tobias Richter, Head of Marketing Creditsafe Germany