Crisis Communication

Although the roadmap of crisis communication differs fundamentally from the agenda of daily PR work, both have the same goal: to establish the company as a unique mentor type for the target group. The question that arises from this in calm waters: What task does the company take on for the self-realization of each individual customer in order to be a mentor? The question that arises again in the stormy times of crisis management.

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Is it a crisis?

In order to weigh up every action and reaction in its sequence and effect in the best possible way, we need to know all internal and external factors of your situation. In addition to the objective classification of a problem as a crisis and the subjectively critical perception of a situation, there are worlds apart when creating a strategy. Only in this way can agreed measures decide whether the mentors react appropriately to the outside world or not.

Where is the crisis internally?

When developing a strategy for crisis PR, the first step is not only to identify the target group of your product or service. Depending on the type and extent of the crisis, all stakeholders of your company have to be informed in order to save the face of a mentor. If business partners are not fully informed about your actions, no guarantee can be given that they will act safely. If employees learn about the situation of their employers in the face of a crisis from the press, they have made a mistake that is difficult to correct.

Where is the crisis external?

A crisis remains a crisis – and yet it takes place on different channels depending on the industry and its extent. Press conference or Instagram post? The scene of crisis PR often determines the strategic starting point for appropriate measures. To what extent do you show feelings and confessions? What fears and concerns do those readers of your statement have in concrete terms? How can the Brand Voice support you in maintaining your mentoring role?