Case: Der Vegetarische Metzger

The Vegetarian Butcher offers high-quality meat substitutes for vegans, vegetarians and those who want to reduce their meat consumption without missing the taste of meat.

Jaap carrots - Case: Der Vegetarische Metzger
vegetarische Metzger


PR & Social Media

September until December 2016


The main goal of the Vegetarian Butcher is to free animals from the food chain. The Veggie Butcher is the first brand that produces meat alternatives not only for vegetarians and vegans. They also address meat eaters by making products as similar to meat as possible. The main goal of the Vegetarian Butcher is to convince meat enthusiasts that vegetarian food tastes good as well. The vision is: The same way as animals have been replaced by motorized vehicles, animals as part of our food chain will be too.

Therefore, our PR is not only targeted towards vegans or vegetarians, it focuses primarily on general interest media as well as nationwide and high-coverage media to reach the general public. The topics range from nutrition to lifestyle. For the B2B media, we concentrate on journals specialized on food.

During the opening event of the concept store, we organized tastings, invited journalists and press agencies, concentrated on social media and classic PR work. Our communications activities mainly addressed the so-called flexitarians. We also produced exciting content with self-made and self-edited pictures and videos, and texts written by ourselves for the blog „veg to the roots“, the Facebook page and the Instagram account of the German Vegetarian Butcher.

More than 200 media outlets reported about the opening of the first concept store of the Vegetarian Butcher in Berlin.

The German TV channels n-tv, rbb, ZDF, Sat1 and many others interviewed the Vegetarian Butcher.

We have increased the number of likes on the Facebook page by 400 precent within one month.