Case: Econyl®

Aquafil ensures clean oceans with their brand ECONYL®. From nylon in old carpets, textile waste or fishing nets, the ECONYL® regeneration system creates a high quality yarn, by transforming polyamide 6 recyclables into primary raw materials for industrial production.



Public Relations

since January 2016


We position ECONYL® yarn in the target group (producers of carpets and textiles, architects and designers) as a qualitative and aesthetically high-quality alternative to conventional nylon 6. Through the innovative ECONYL® regeneration system, the yarn is produced in a sustainable and fair manner, environmentally friendly, with an infinite life cycle.

As a result of co-operations with well-known textile and carpet manufacturers, ECONYL® yarn will also be able to strengthen its position in the B2B sector, thus becoming more attractive for future partners.


The main focus of our communication is not the company Aquafil but the

ECONYL® brand and the ECONYL® yarn obtained through the regeneration process. The challenge is to avoid the attention being solely focused on cooperation partners, rather than on ECONYL® yarn. We can bypass this with the help of advisory topics, which focus on the yarn as an ingredient and show the yarn’s advantages.

To date we have generated over 370 clippings in relevant print and online media. Cooperation messages (with the jeans manufacturer, Levis and the tights expert, Kunert), advisory pieces and guest posts were published for example in WirtschaftsWoche Online, Noveaux Online, ECO World,, GreenTech germany, Bauen + Energie sparen, Recycling Portal, eBikeNews, BIORAMA Online, ElektroRad, Object online, active cycling, baby & junior online

Status as of October 2017