Case: Modomoto

With its personal shopping service Modomoto offers a simple and convenient solution for all men

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Public Relations

February until November 2012, February 2017


Modomoto is a personal shopping service for men on the Internet. With their novel shopping concept, Modomoto stylists, after answering a short questionnaire and a phone call, find the right look for every man and send the customized clothing directly to his home based on the customer’s personal wishes. Modomoto was founded in October 2011 in Berlin.

The goal was to make relevant target groups aware of Modomoto and to establish the brand as Germany’s best online advisor for men’s fashion and a pioneer for curated shopping. Also, the personal shopping service should be known to important contacts from general interest to men’s or fashion magazines. In addition, it was our task to position the founder as an expert on the topic of men’s fashion and curated shopping.


In order to position Modomoto as one of the pioneers in personal shopping services for men, we published press releases on various advice topics and company news, among other things. The platform was also presented to relevant journalists and interviews with industry media were coordinated.

We achieved over 50 publications in relevant consumer media, both print and online, as well as radio and TV. These included features in local consumer magazines such as tip, zitty or berlin maximal, as well as in local daily newspapers such as B.Z. or Tagesspiegel. Reports were also published in national media such as Computerbild, FAS, WiWo, or manager magazin, as well as TV features on rbb ZIBB and Deutsche Welle.

In addition, there were another 50 publications in the form of interviews and reports in relevant industry media, such as Textilwirtschaft, Horizont, OnetoOne, InternetWorldBusiness, Gründerszene, DeutscheStartups, iBusiness w&v, Computerbild or t3n. Also, 54 links to or subpages were generated during the collaboration period, from February to November 2012 and again in February 2017.

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