Storytelling Seminar

For thousands of years, people have used stories to convey information and knowledge, for entertaining, for building and maintaining communities, for motivation and inspiration. In our digital age, in the struggle for the attention of potential customers, the company with the most money for marketing campaigns is no longer the winner – storytelling is the key when it comes to successful communication. True to our motto, „everyone has a story to tell”, our workshops will provide you with the necessary tools to find your corporate stories and to bring them to your audience, using the theoretical foundations, best practice examples and practical exercises.

The storytelling seminar is aimed at companies that want to use storytelling effectively or improve their skills. Since every business has their own exciting stories to tell, we offer tailor-made workshops that focus on specific challenges and issues. In addition, the seminar also discusses the possibilities of storytelling in content marketing and social media.


  • history and use of storytelling
  • requirements for modern storytellers in the digital age
  • storytelling theories: from hero to mentor
  • strategies for finding stories
  • practical exercises for finding and sharing corporate stories


  • customized seminar exactly as required
  • flexible appointment and location selection
  • on request with catering
  • individually coordinated training concept
  • individual, detailed feedback for each participant
  • hand-out for participants
  • certificate of participation
  • if necessary, we can provide additional individual training for employees

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


Nora Feist


seminar [at] mashup-berlin [dot] de


“In June, the content team at Zalando had the pleasure to host Miriam Rupp as a speaker during an Editorial Workshop. Her presentation helped our team to gain insights into modern digital storytelling within the world of fashion. Her heterogeneously-faceted speech inspired the editors to produce new quality content and explore new editorial formats.”

— Eugenio Cirmi (Senior Editor, Zalando SE)

“Nora Feist’s input on storytelling was an important aspect of our fundraising workshop, with the aim of making it clear to the participants that storytelling plays an important role when it comes to convincing potential supporters and donors of their activities. Through Nora’s know-how and her experience in this field, she has managed to communicate very professionally, what is important.”


— Nils Dreyer, CEO Hilfswerft gGmbH

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