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For thousands of years, people have been telling stories to pass on knowledge, to entertain, to build communities and to hold them together. But stories should also motivate, inspire and excite. In the digital age, not much has changed in this regard. In the battle for the attention of potential customers, familiar marketing methods are taking a back seat. Storytelling is the keyword if companies want to make their brand known in the long term. True to our motto “Everyone has a story to tell”, our storytelling workshop will equip you with the necessary tools to find your personal story and bring it to your target group – online and offline – with the help of sound theoretical principles, practical examples and hands-on exercises.

The storytelling workshop is aimed at companies that want to use storytelling effectively for themselves or want to expand and improve their existing skills. Since every company has its own exciting stories to tell, we offer individually tailored workshops that focus specifically on concrete challenges and issues. In addition, the seminar also addresses opportunities for storytelling in content marketing and social media.

Main topics

  • History and benefits of storytelling
  • Requirements for modern storytellers in the digital age
  • Storytelling theories: Between hero or heroine and mentor or mentee
  • Strategies for finding stories
  • Practical exercises for finding and sharing corporate stories

We offer:

  • Customized seminar exactly as needed
  • Flexible choice of date and location, or as a webinar
  • With catering on request
  • Individually tailored training concept
  • Individual, detailed feedback for all participants
  • Certificates of participation
  • If required, we conduct additional individual trainings of employees
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