Our Team

We love to tell new stories.

The Directors – Miriam & Nora

As directors of the agency, Nora and Miriam bring the right talents together. Companies that go new paths find the right partners in these two. Together, they have already accompanied over 200 campaigns for mostly digital companies and make their experiences accessible to innovators from traditional industries.

Team Assistant

As a citizen of Berlin, Kendra went on to study economics and then to Berlin’s professional life. In addition to her passion for traveling, she is inspires us with her joy in numbers and organization.

The Earlybirds – Inga, Julia, Manja & Louisa

Moin, moin with a charming Berlin tongue! The Earlybirds are early to rise and combine the best that Hamburg and Berlin have to offer.

Team Fusion – Stefanie, Jaqueline, Tommy & Johannes

The four-(wo)man combo lives up to its name and is a crossover mix of creative wordplays, colorful lifestyle ideas and the certain nerd factor.

Team Tik Tak Talk – Theresa, Mira & Liam

Energy through synergy – that is what makes up our team. Theresa is former TV pro and Mira has ten years of PR experience.