Purchasing decisions today are made with much more reflection than was the case 20 years ago. Consumers and decision-makers are no longer so easily lured by advertising promises. Instead, they first obtain detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of a product or service, ideally even drawing on scientific standards. White papers have now established themselves as a suitable instrument for shedding light on an issue objectively and scientifically. They include market analyses, studies and survey results. The content must be comprehensible and supported by facts. The author of a white paper positions himself/herself as the expert in the respective subject area. The relevant target group or individual decision-makers should be supported objectively in their decision-making.

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We support companies in reaching their target group with their expertise. You have intensively studied the needs and problems of your customers, probably conducted market analyses and know exactly why and how you enrich the lives of your target group. A white paper could demonstrate your expertise, raise public awareness of you as a qualified expert and increase your profile. In addition, whitepapers are suitable for landing pages and can ensure that you rank better in Google. Or you can offer them for lead generation for inbound marketing.

From researching to writing, preparing surveys and visually editing a whitepaper – we are at your side. As communications professionals, we have years of expertise in research and the application of scientific standards. It doesn’t matter if your white paper is a detailed technical analysis or if you want to propose a solution for a comprehensive problem. We are passionate about your topic and will use the appropriate language to ensure that you get the attention you deserve. By visually presenting graphics or statistics, we also ensure that your white paper is not only convincing in terms of argumentation, but also visually.