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Where does a company come from? Where is it going? What obstacles must be overcome and what role will the company play in a new world?

These and many other questions of brand storytelling are also important for employer brand management. The focus here is the corporate identity, since personell marketing means the right strategy for profile sharpening: What is the difference between the company and others and what makes it a first-class entry point for applicants? Most companies know that they need to position themselves as employers, but they do not know the right social media channels and tools for them. Employee retention is most essential, since employees are the most important heroes and, at the same time, the best narrators when it comes to drawing an authentic and attractive image as an employer. Instead of theoretical arguments for the corporate culture, employee stories give the company a face and are more concrete, rich and emotional – all that makes storytelling successful.

True to our motto: “Everyone has a story to tell”, we provide companies, managers and employees in our workshop with the necessary theoretical foundations, practical examples as well as exercises with the necessary equipment to find convincing brand and employee stories to tell.

Our employer branding workshop is aimed at companies, managing directors, marketing and HR managers who want to communicate their corporate values with the help of brand storytelling in order to keep the best employees and to attract future talents. Since every company has to tell its own exciting brand and employee stories, we offer tailor-made employer branding workshops that focus on individual challenges and questions.

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  • Introduction Employer Branding and Storytelling
  • Employer Brand Stories: find your position as an employer
  • Employee Storytelling: where to find the best stories and story-tellers in your organization
  • Storytelling and Recruiting
  • Leadership Storytelling

What we offer

  • customized seminar as required
  • flexible appointment and location selection, or webinar
  • on request with catering

We would be happy to make you an individual offer.


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Workshop Team

Workshop Team