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SEO magic: How to inspire your target group with content marketing and storytelling

We find, tell and position your content using SEO so that it is not only visible to the right heroes and heroines – your target groups – but also relevant. You can find out more about us as a content marketing agency and PR with storytelling here.

But our work goes far beyond simply finding and placing content. We see ourselves as partners to our clients, working with them to strengthen their brand. This also includes a targeted analysis of target groups and strategic content planning. Our many years of experience in the field of content marketing have shown that it is not enough to simply produce content – it must also be tailored to the needs of users.

That’s why we attach great importance to promoting dialog between companies and their customers to create an authentic brand experience. With our approach, we have already successfully implemented numerous projects and have been able to help our clients prevail in an increasingly complex market environment.

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How to improve your visibility on the web with targeted SEO

Visibility, good position, relevant content? If you want to reach the right target groups online and convince them of your company, you can no longer avoid targeted search engine optimization (SEO) of your website and online store. It’s not just about being well positioned technically and with the right keywords, but also about winning over customers with relevant content. This is the only way to make a brand visible and position it in the right place in the long term.

As a PR agency, we not only find the right topics and keywords, but also use brand storytelling tools to tell stories about companies, brands and founders. We are convinced that good search engine optimization is primarily about high-quality content and texts that are written for readers rather than for Google.

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How to strengthen your online presence with SEO

For us, targeted SEO, content marketing and PR go hand in hand. On-page optimization, i.e. the adaptation of the website itself and its content, is not only made up of a balanced mix of texts around SEO-relevant keywords. We also create exciting topics and trends for the target group as well as real highlight content that makes the site stand out from the crowd.

In a content marketing and SEO strategy, we jointly define goals and relevant key figures, which we keep an eye on and constantly adapt to the content created. In the second step, off-page optimization can be tackled away from the website itself via press work. The focus here is on the quality and quantity of incoming links. We achieve these in particular through topic-specific press publications. Here, too, we are convinced of the power of exciting stories and high-quality, relevant content instead of relying purely on link building.

So if you’re looking for an agency to support you with your content marketing or help you with storytelling – then you’ve come to the right place! Contact us for more information or make an appointment for a personal meeting with our team.

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