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From facts and figures to gripping stories: How to turn your annual report into a bestseller!

Companies invest three to nine months of work and five to six-figure sums in the preparation of an annual report. Several employees of a company and often also a commissioned agency work on it. In the end, however, the annual reports are only skimmed for an average of three minutes. Why do people voluntarily read exciting novels until 2 a.m. or sit quietly in a movie theater for three hours, but an expensively produced and glossy annual report gathers dust on the shelf? Corporate reports are all about facts and figures, which are very monotonous for most readers. But with the power of stories, the final report can also be entertaining and emotional.

Annual reports are more than just a summary of company activities and finances. They offer the opportunity to take shareholders, employees and customers on a journey. With their annual publication, companies can chart a route that defines origins and goals, vision and values, plans and experiences. There can be an exciting story behind every number, no matter how dry it may seem. Data storytelling puts successes in the spotlight, explains complex relationships and gets to the point. We combine facts with emotion and content with individual digital or analog formats. This works just as well in print as it does online. The design of an annual report in print form also plays a role that should not be underestimated. The report must be authentic, no impersonal agency images, but photos that show the employees from their personal side and at the same time convey the values of the company.

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Another advantage of a well-designed annual report is its impact on potential investors or customers. A professionally designed report allows them to quickly find out about the company’s objectives and at the same time gain an impression of its expertise. All in all, a modern corporate report offers numerous opportunities to communicate with stakeholders and build the company’s image. Those who focus on quality here have the best chances of long-term success – after all, who wants to be on a journey whose destination is unclear?

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From dry figures to an exciting journey: How to turn your annual report into a gripping story

Companies invest a lot of time and money in creating annual reports, but these are often only skimmed over superficially. To arouse the reader’s interest, annual reports should be designed as a journey with a clear route and exciting stories. Data storytelling can make complex relationships understandable and arouse emotions. The design of the report is also important and should be authentic. Storytelling makes it easier to remember information as it activates several parts of the brain. A well-crafted annual report can also impress potential investors or customers and improve the company’s image. Companies should focus on quality in order to be successful in the long term.

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Turn your annual report into a gripping story!

  • Emotional appeal: With an appealing storytelling strategy, annual reports can be emotionally charged and arouse the interest of readers
  • Transparency: A well-designed annual report creates trust among investors through the transparent presentation of company activities and finances
  • Branding: A corporate report can also be used to strengthen the company’s brand and improve its image to the outside world
  • Comprehensive scope of delivery: Our annual report not only contains a detailed presentation of facts and figures, but also interesting background stories, interviews with employees and an overview of our CSR activities