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Develop your own brand character: the hero’s journey as a guide

Would you like to use storytelling to turn your customers and employees into followers of your corporate vision and values? Do you want them to recognize the why, trust the brand and accompany you out of their own commitment? With the help of the hero’s journey model and mentor typologies, we will help you develop your own brand character. And without any buzzword bingo, but with the help of strategic advice and tools that you will already be familiar with from your own experience with stories.

For companies that want to firmly anchor brand storytelling in their brand development, we also offer workshops on brand analysis and brand strategy to pass on our knowledge and experience. These seminars, which are specifically geared to the respective industry and topic, are designed to enable organizations of all kinds to become storytellers. Because we believe that a strong brand story not only inspires customers and employees, but also strengthens the company itself. A clear vision and values create identity and orientation for everyone involved – from the management to the intern or working student.

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Is your brand a Dumbledore or a Han Solo? The art of creating the perfect character for your branding

A brand is like a character in a story: daredevil and fearless like Han Solo, enchanting, mysterious and caring like Mary Poppins or wise and protective like Dumbledore. With their characteristics, values and goals, an individual character is formed, with its own history, attitude, appearance and language. Whether for individual products, departments or the entire branding – as an agency for PR and brand storytelling, we help brands to find, shape and develop their identity. In doing so, we rely on the help of storytelling tools. We turn an idea into a corporate identity that the audience can identify with and that gives your stories stringent communication and brand management.

Similar to a good movie, the story of your brand should capture and inspire customers from the beginning to the end credits. Films, books and TV are among the most successful storytelling formats of our time and provide us with the right script for the right PR, captivating content marketing and unique brand recognition. The ingredients of gripping strategies not only help you to find the golden thread of your own company story, they also bring more variety and fun to the role of the narrator. Hook, hold and payoff – the key story elements to lure, hold and reward an audience’s attention – also help organizations tell their brand story.

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Our approach: Individually tailored stories that make your brand unique

Our approach is always individually tailored to the needs of the respective company. We work with you to create an authentic story that makes your brand unique and emotionally charged. After all, storytelling is not about empty promises or marketing gimmicks, but about real relationships between people. Let’s take the path to successful brand storytelling together!

We offer brand analysis and strategy workshops to help you develop your own brand character. With the help of the hero’s journey model and mentor typologies, customers and employees are turned into followers of the company vision and values. The brand is seen as a character in a story, with its own characteristics, values and goals. As an agency, we focus on individually tailored stories that make your brand unique and emotionally charged. The aim is to build real relationships between people and develop a successful brand storytelling strategy.

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Create a narrative that you can continue to tell in the long term!

  • Develop your brand character: We help you to give your brand a unique personality that inspires customers and employees
  • Anchoring brand storytelling: We show you how to successfully integrate storytelling into your brand development to gain the trust of your target group
  • Brand analysis and strategy workshops: Our tailor-made seminars provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully position and communicate your brand
  • Create your hero’s journey and mentor typology: We use proven methods from the world of storytelling to give your brand a unique character and build an emotional connection with your target group.
  • Strategic consulting: We offer you professional support in the implementation of your brand strategy and accompany you on the path to success