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A brand is like a character in a story: Daredevil and fearless as Han Solo; enchanting, mysterious and caring as Mary Poppins; or wise and protective as Dumbledore. With its characteristics, values and goals characterize an individual character is formed, including its personal history, attitude, appearance and language. Whether for individual products, departments or the entire branding – as your agency, we help brands to find, shape and further develop their identity. We use the help of storytelling tools. From an idea we form a personality your audience identifies with.

Similar to a good movie, the story of your brand should capture the audience from the beginning to the end credits. Movies, books and TV are among the most successful storytelling formats of our time. They provide us with the right scenario for the best PR, compelling content marketing and a unique recognition as a brand. The ingredients of thrilling screenplays help not only find the golden thread of your own corporate history. They also bring more variety and fun to your role as the narrator. Hook, hold and payoff – The main story elements to lure, keep and reward the public’s attention are also helping organizations to tell their brand history.

You would like to turn your customers and employees into fans of your company vision and values? Would like them to recognize the Why, trust your brand and accompany it out of their own commitment? Using the model of the hero’s journey and mentor typologies, we help you develop your brand character. And this without buzzword bullshit, but using strategic consulting and tools that will be familiar to you from your own experience with stories already known.

For companies that want to anchor brand storytelling firmly in their DNA, we also offer workshops. So we can pass on our knowledge and experience in brand analysis and strategy. These seminars, which focus on respective industries and the corresponding topics, will enable organizations of all kinds to become a better storyteller.