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Storytelling in e-commerce: Why a good story makes the difference between a slow seller and a bestseller

Storytelling works. With their “Significant Objects” experiment, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn have impressively and simply demonstrated the impact storytelling can have on the sales of even the most mundane products. They auctioned off items on eBay that they had previously bought in junk shops and at flea markets, including a bucket, a yo-yo or a tile with the number four on it. The average purchase price of the first 100 products was 1.29 US dollars. On average, they were auctioned for 36.12 US dollars. Where did the price increase of over 2,700 per cent come from? Through stories. The two initiators hired professional authors who wrote a fictional narrative description for each item. From the authors’ perspective, the difference between the selling price and the purchase price represents the objective value of the story. A plastic panpipe, for example, had an original value of one US dollar. A story increased the auction price to 63.50 US dollars.

The effect that stories have on our actions leads us to the question of why we as humans tell stories at all. From the earliest times of cave paintings to the 21st century, the most important function of stories has been to share experiences that prepare us for real life. Stories are like a catalogue of possible courses of action for situations we have not yet experienced ourselves, or a “flight simulator for our brains”. They offer simulation (knowledge about how to act) and inspiration (motivation to act), for example for a purchase.

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How you can gain the trust of your customers with storytelling

However, sales is not about inventing stories. A purchase is a sign of trust. Storytelling is an important tool for gaining this trust from customers. Real, true stories build a connection between buyers and sellers. They increase attention and emotion. Behind every purchase, in turn, there is always a story that should be told as such, not as a dry case study.

We help companies to use sales storytelling effectively. In addition to customer benefits and product advantages, it is increasingly about values, sharing experiences and credibility. These are things that are best conveyed with the help of stories. This is because stories touch us on an emotional level and are therefore remembered much longer than dry facts. We help our clients to package their messages in gripping narratives and thus create a deeper connection with potential buyers.

Because only when a connection is established on an emotional level can the potential buyer really identify with the company and its products. We help our clients to shape their stories in such a way that they not only entertain, but also inform and convince. We use modern storytelling methods and take into account the latest findings from the fields of psychology and marketing.

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Why is sales storytelling the key to higher conversion rates and better branding?

We are proud to be able to say: Our work shows results! Many of our clients have been able to significantly increase their sales through our sales storytelling – be it through higher conversion rates or better branding of their products.

So if you are looking for a way to drive your business forward – then you should definitely think about bringing us on board as a partner! Our approach is always based on an intensive analysis of the target group and the product or service in order to work out the right story elements. Whether it’s a start-up selling its vision or an established company with a complex product portfolio – we find the right twist for every case.

And that’s not all: we also support our customers with the realisation. From text and graphics to video, we offer everything from a single source and ensure that the sales stories are also presented in a visually appealing way.

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