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Microsoft, General Electrics or Airbnb – they all use the power of storytelling to inspire their target groups. In our webinar, we will share our expertise with you and use practical tools and digital exercises to show you how to uncover the hidden stories in your company. Get the tools you need to awaken the heroes in your target group and convince them with authentic stories. Whether you're a beginner or advanced – we'll customize the content to suit you and your challenges. Let's discover your untold stories together and get them out into the world!

Potential topics:

  • Introduction to storytelling: Companies as heroes and as mentors
  • History and benefits of storytelling
  • Requirements for modern storytellers in the digital age
  • Strategies for uncovering your stories
  • Practical exercises on how to find and share the story of your company

Other topics for webinars:

  • Data and visual storytelling
  • Employer branding through storytelling
  • Social media and influencer storytelling
  • Analogue storytelling for speeches, presentations and leadership


  • Customized webinar, tailored to your needs
  • Location independent, digital implementation
  • Individually coordinated training concepts
  • Certificates of participation
Frau lernt am Laptop

Companies like General Electrics used it to overcome crises, Microsoft to reinvent themselves and Volvo Trucks to become so much more than just a lorry manufacturer – we’re talking about storytelling, of course. Through stories, companies transport their values, build their brand and awaken the heroes within their target groups. Our mission: To support companies to break new ground and fascinate their audience again and again by harnessing the power of stories.

In addition to the in-person-workshops, we offer our storytelling seminars as a digital webinar as well: We will not only share the theoretical basics with you, but also practical case studies and digital exercises with which, aside from discovering the stories slumbering within your company, you can also tell them in a way suited to your target group.

Our online course “Introduction to Brand Storytelling” gives you a little taste of what the seminar could look like. No matter whether you are already versed in storytelling or are just about to get started – we tailor the content of our storytelling webinar to you, your questions and specific challenges.