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As directors of the agency, Nora and Miriam bring together the right talents; guide, motivate and inspire. Companies that are breaking new ground are at the right address with the two. The mission of the two Berliners is to enable them to captivate their audience again and again with the power of storytelling.

Miriam Rupp

Miriam takes on the role of the agency's captain and guides it through the times of media change. She maneuvers both familiar and new waters with enthusiasm. Anyone who gets involved can experience a turbulent, thrilling ride.

Nora Feist

Nora is the accomplice who doesn't shy away from exactly these wild rides and breaks new ground with positive energy, a courageous drive, and a will to win. Nora likes to get caught up in the excitement of the moment; but also likes to inspire, motivate and entertain others.