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“Ich bin ein Berliner” and “I have a dream” are unforgettable quotes from rhetorical masterpieces of history. Successful speeches and presentations inspire, motivate and convince. The teachings of Aristotle are even more significant in our time.

With storytelling, you as a speaker create credibility with or without PowerPoint. You can magnetically attract the attention of your audience, instead of pushing messages. You keep listeners in your spell, instead of just distracting them for a moment.

But no matter whether on the big stage, in front of your employees or in the TV studio: good speeches also need to be well-practiced. Successful speakers engage their audience, inspire with positive messages and narrate rather than lecture. Storytelling is an important foundation for linking content with emotions and inspiring the audience. The great news is: Everyone can learn it, because storytelling is not a secret but a rhetorical method. With practice, the right tips and some fine-tuning, everyone can shine in the limelight.

In our workshops we teach, both individually and in groups, how you will turn your next appearance into a success story.


  • Basics of rhetorics
  • Basics of storytelling
  • Visual aids
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Speaker’s persona
  • Rehearsing situations with or without camera


  • Individually tailored workshop
  • Flexible appointment and location choice
  • On request, with catering
  • Documentation
  • Certificate
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