July 6, 2017

Digital Storytelling Tools: The Key to Successful Story Planning

Whether you want to simplify information or communicate facts in an uncomplicated and appealing way – storytelling is the solution. The fact that knowledge can be effectively transported through the use of stories is no longer a secret in the field of content marketing. Good stories have the power to make the most boring data come to life – they arouse interest and stick in people’s minds. Digital storytelling tools can help you to present and shape a story in an exciting and thrilling way. But also the preparation and planning of your narrative can be supported by useful instruments that lighten the life of a storyteller.

Mann sitzt vor Laptop und macht Notizen

These four storytelling tools help you plan and structure a story and therefore create the perfect basis for a unique and successful final outcome.

Mindmaps: Oldies but Goldies

Mind Map von Wise Mapping

Already in school, a good mind map helped us to bring some clarity and structure into complex topics and thoughts. But such a piece of art made out of arrows, boxes and notes can also be very valuable for planning the content pieces of a story. There are countless mind mapping tools you can choose from – a good example: Wisemapping. The free tool is easy to handle and can be used in a team. The application is open-source and its code can be individually adjusted.


Research made easy

Website Keeeb mit verschiedenen Text-Features

The essential basic framework of a story is the research of the content. Keeeb Collections is a browser add-on for highlighting and saving web content. The special thrill: you don’t save entire pages but only specially chosen content such as a headline, a picture or a paragraph. Said content is always linked with its sources. In addition to this, you can work on a topic page together with your colleagues in a team. Keeeb Collections enables research from different perspectives and thus helps you to create an individual story. For free.


The perfect storyboard for your story

StoryboardThat Ausschnitt mit Auswahl der Avatare und des Hintergrundes

A good story consists of different scenes which build upon each other and are in a certain way connected. StoryboardThat can help you to organize the various scenes in a matching storyboard. You can choose from different backgrounds, integrate numerous characters and highlight the storyboard with text. In the free version, the tool offers two boards a week. In the team or business version you can create an unlimited amount of storyboards. On top of this, you have the possibility to work in a team and upload your own pictures.


Staying on top of things

Storyline Creator Website mit Skyline


Storyline Creator Beispiel

With several characters and different plots, a story can easily become complex and confusing. Tools such as Storyline Creator provide a remedy. With this application you can visualize different plot- and storylines and gain a clear perspective and overview. With the free version you can create five characters and five scenes – if you want more, you have to pay.



StorytellingWorkshopKlein - Digital Storytelling Tools: The Key to Successful Story Planning


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