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Love is in the Air: Storytelling on Career Pages
Campfire – Employer Branding Tools 10 April 2018

Love is in the Air: Storytelling on Career Pages

When I think back to the time after my studies and the search for THE right agency, I remember one thing above all: the Mashup’s character style. So when I was asked about my most exciting references in the job interview, I was almost overwhelmed. The transparent website, the job advertisement at eye level and above all the team had stayed in my mind, so that today, after internship and traineeship, I am still there.

samantha gades 557925 unsplash scaled - Love is in the Air: Storytelling on Career Pages
Source: Samantha Gades

But what makes companies so likeable?

Just as every company has a brand image, it also has its own employer brand – actively designed or not. If you want to turn your team into real company followers and attract really interesting applicants, you should do without fancy advertising slogans and glossy models. On their job pages, companies are better off telling their story, their values, their visions and the people behind it all. Because authentic, approachable and therefore attractive brands are rewarded with loyal employees and exciting job applications. Storytelling is the tool to find the right stories and tell them credibly.

Calling all Rebels: bloomon

Source: Screenshot website bloomon

The hero’s journey is symbolic of the corporate story. This begins in the familiar world, about which the communications and HR departments must also become aware in the employer branding process. Who are we today? Who do we want to be one day? It is not only external data and facts, such as market potential or competition, that count. Internally, in particular, it is important to take a closer look. Jointly formulated values, clear goals and long-term visions that give meaning to daily work create the basis for a holistic employer image. Work, Play, Balance – The values of the online florist bloomon, for example, run through the job site from start to finish. Combined with texts that tell of the company spirit and many photos of the Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin employees, a clear picture emerges of what to expect and what is also expected of you.

The tastiest job in town: mymuesli

The company logo as a tattoo? What would be too much of a good thing for most people, some employees at mymuesli have actually done. On its jobs page, the former startup not only impresses with its flat hierarchies, foosball and after-work beer, but also lets Wenke, Anastasia, Tobias and Co. tell us what makes up their everyday working lives. The “Working at mymuesli” video is about team spirit, tattoos at Christmas parties, daily challenges, necessary soft skills and, of course, muesli. If the employees become the true heroes of the story, personal and credible insights into the company are guaranteed. If you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t just list requirements and career opportunities dry as dust, but package them in exciting, funny, genuine and, above all, emotional stories.

This is how we rock: Spotify

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, or what music you love. We depend on our diversity for innovation and a good environment for everyone.” With a composition of image videos, quotes from the team and short employee interviews under the hashtag #SpotifyPeople on Instagram, online music streaming platform Spotify is getting ready for new talent. While an employer brand should of course attract attention and generate sustained interest, the expectations of the applicant must also be clearly defined. If colleagues simply present their job themselves, as in the video at Spotify, no more questions remain unanswered.

Whether employees, founders and managers, partners or customers – the employer brand writes all the faces of a company. The career page on the company’s own website is the basis of the common dramaturgy of all channels, which reflects the values and visions, but also clearly communicates requirements. And Edition F shows in its latest recruiting video that “job site” can also be personal and friendly:

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