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10 Years of iPad: With Storytelling to Everybody’s Darling
Brands Communications – PR, Social Media, Content 27 January 2020

10 Years of iPad: With Storytelling to Everybody’s Darling

It’s been ten years since the Apple iPad first saw the light of day. The first attempts to create an electronic calendar with additional functions were made back in the 90s. Nevertheless, the tablet as we know it today celebrated its premiere in January 2010. At that time, the new gadget was presented by Steve Jobs in San Francisco. The iPad is a bestseller to this day, although it was initially met with a great deal of skepticism. But how did Apple manage to establish a whole new class of device on the market? Or set itself apart from the competition as a brand and create an unprecedented need for a mini-computer? You will learn the secret of the tablet’s success in our blog post “10 years of the iPad: storytelling makes it everybody’s darling”.

A family sits on the sofa at home and looks at the iPad
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Like a Computer. Unlike any Computer.

According to Steve Jobs, the idea for the iPad was born before the iPhone. He wanted to create a device that could be operated with a finger using a multi-touch interface. As his team was producing the corresponding display, Jobs came up with the idea of using this function for a cell phone instead. So the development of the tablet was put on hold for the time being. Instead, the first iPhone was launched to the market. The iPad followed three years later. The device had touchscreen controls, which made it intuitive to use, was equipped with WLAN and had office-applications. Its functions were basically those of a mini-computer and were expanded and perfected over the years. The models also became smaller, easier to handle and could be equipped with additional applications via the app store. Critical voices initially doubted the need for such a device. However, the high sales figures in the following years have spoken for themselves. A new class of device was born.

With Storytelling to a Lifestyle Product

What makes the iPad so special? According to Apple, the iPad is more than just a consumer device. It allows you to cut videos, edit images and offers many other work programs. In our article “10 years of iPad: Storytelling makes it Everybody’s Darling”, we take a look at the Appla brand’s campaign to date. The “Life on iPad” commercial from 2013 illustrates the numerous features of the tablet in various life and work situations. From photos taken on vacation to surgical procedures – anything is possible with the iPad. The campaign is accompanied by a microsite on which the real-life situations from the commercial are shown in detail. The examples demonstrate how versatile the gadget is and how it not only makes everyday life easier, but even revolutionizes it.

The “Your Verse” campaign takes it one step further, personalizing the message and encouraging customers to become a part of it. The first commercial in the “Your Verse” series features the monologue of film star Robin Williams from the movie “Dead Poets’ Society”, who calls on viewers to recite their own verses. The following commercials use powerful, emotional images to tell the personal stories of the individual protagonists and the purpose for which they use the iPad. The user becomes the hero of their own story, while the tablet is their loyal companion. The strategy works! The iPad has become an integral part of many users’ everyday lives. In some US schools, the device is even becoming an integral part of teaching materials.

Beyond the Features – iPad as a Mentor and Guide

Other Apple campaigns focus on universal values such as love and family or motivate people to pursue their own dreams. The technology becomes a mentor and guide. The “Commander” commercial, for example, shows a little girl asking the artificial intelligence Siri whether there have ever been female astronauts. With her answer, Siri creates a new role model for the child and helps her to get closer to her goal. In this way, the iPad serves a higher purpose and gives the heroine a direction that she may take in her future life.

Conclusion: The Secret of iPad’s Success

With its content marketing strategy, Apple managed to find a permanent place for the iPad in the everyday lives of its customers. Through personalized stories and the communication of values, consumers were able to identify with the use of the product and create an emotional bond. The high level of awareness of the Apple brand contributed to the fact that the device was immediately recognized by a large mass of people. The continuous expansion of features enables the tablet to be used in a variety of ways and helps it to stand out from the competition. Who needs a Kindle, for example, when the iPad is not just an e-book, but also combines other functions in one and the same device. It remains to be seen whether the iPad will delight us with new additional functions in the future or whether Apple will launch “the next big thing” in the form of a completely new gadget.

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