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How employees and companies can reconcile their values in everyday life
Campfire – Employer Branding Tools 25 March 2021

How employees and companies can reconcile their values in everyday life

More and more people are trying to reconcile their ideals and values with their work. That’s why it’s all the more important for a company to respond to the needs and wishes of its employees. We’ll show you what’s important here.

Storytelling brings people together

More and more frequently, we see campaigns or read information from and about companies and their values. What they stand for, what they stand up for, and what is close to their hearts in everyday life. This doesn’t just come from anywhere. The desire of many employees to find a company that also represents their ideals is an ever-growing one. They want to work for companies with which they can identify and where they can pursue and implement their private views in their professional lives in the same way. Especially in social situations, such as a little chat at the coffee machine or a joint lunch break, it becomes apparent that a strong team spirit can be developed more easily if colleagues share more or less the same basic consensus. This is not to be confused with the fact that everyone has to be of the same opinion, but merely that everyone should live by the same principles and represent the same values.

Werte im Job bei Teammeeting

Storydoing: Being the change

In this context, companies can also implement their professional expertise in their own day-to-day work. A company that is committed to inclusion and diversity, for example, and consequently ideally consists of such a team, can incorporate certain practices into everyday office life. It can, if possible, set up restrooms to accommodate diverse needs or dispense with pronouns. Another hands-on example that is somewhat easier to implement is the use of refurbished equipment, recycled paper, or green electricity, for example, if the company is strong on sustainability.

Values DNA: The sharing of beliefs

Ideally, companies also work with customers and suppliers who share the same value DNA. This makes it easier for them to identify and communicate common interests and focal points. The expectations in the cooperation can thus also be made much more transparent and empathetic. This has a positive effect on the relationship of trust and on successful and goal-oriented cooperation. This not only pleases the customer and the company, but may even be perceived by the target group.

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Companies that shape industries: From small to large

However, corporate values must not only be lived out internally. They can also shape the industry. One example of this is the company Beyond Meat. With its vegan meat substitute products, it has drawn attention to factors such as animal welfare and environmental protection. Today, vegan substitute products can even be found at the discount store around the corner. The sale of clothing from fair production is also becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry, as is the case with fashion labels such as Dariadéh or erlich-Textil. These two companies attach great importance to qualitative fabrics from fair production in order to reduce the waste in this industry and to focus on quality instead of quantity.

It all comes down to this – values internally and externally

So it turns out that a lot of different gears can mesh in order to be able to live the values of a company internally and externally. It takes the commitment of everyone involved – from the managing directors, team members, and customers to the will for progressive change in the industry in general. If all players actively contribute to a positive corporate culture, promising effects can quickly become apparent throughout the entire structure.

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