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Thank you for storytelling of the best kind: Warner Brothers makes 100 years of history
Brands Media & Marketing 4 April 2023

Thank you for storytelling of the best kind: Warner Brothers makes 100 years of history

A tingling sensation spreads through the stomach and nostalgic emotions arise in our head and heart. Excitedly, the gaze wanders to all those watching to find out whether they are similarly jittery and looking forward to the adventure together. The popcorn fresh from the machine draws a light veil of warmth over the opening credits and suddenly that melody is heard, the seal of approval for storytelling, excitement, blockbusters!

Because if there’s one thing the protagonist of this written-down story can boast, it’s the high art of cinematically staged experiences. With worlds like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Matrix, they drew us into a parallel universe that was so rich in detail, so full of suspense and so full of emotion that many of us already lost themselves in this fabulous world.

Now the founding fathers of storytelling and one of the largest film companies in the world are already celebrating their 100th anniversary. Therefore, it is time for us to write down their greatest wealth. Thank you Warner Brothers for a century of fantastic film history and the legacies of one of the most fascinating worlds in cinema history.

Warner Brothers Logo auf einem Wasserturm
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How it all began…

Harry, Albert, Samuel and Jack – four brothers who share not only the Warner surname, but also a love for movies. Born in Poland and settling in America in the early years of the 19th century, they founded the Hollywood studio Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. in 1923. The home of passionately developed screen glories, great movie moments and so beloved characters.

Till today, Warner Brothers is one of the five largest film studios in the world. It shares the ranking with other giants such as Disney, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 films, series and other shows bear the seal of the in-house production. Their trademark? Best entertainment, bold ideas and something for the whole family. Whether it’s the animated series Bugs Bunny, the worldwide all-time favorite Harry Potter, the classic romance Casablanca, the cult series Friends or the blockbuster Inception – the Warner Brothers genres are diverse, colorful, dramatic, funny and thrilling. And inspire small, big, young and old.

Cinema with a yellow rounded lettering "Movie".
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Made in Hollywood: A stamp of approval for concentrated storytelling power

Everyone internalizes a certain direction in their work, a uniform mood, a similar output. A look at the storyline of the films and series just mentioned reveals similarities that are typical and can almost be stamped as the hallmark of a Warner Brothers production. The made-in-Hollywood works always promise a mix of action, adventure, drama and humor – and all through the eyes of empathetic, expressive heroines.

The Warner brothers constantly distinguished themselves through courage and innovation – many films and series paved the way for a new era, as they ventured into cinematic productions that had not existed before. One of their first successes, for example – The Jazz Singer – was the first feature film ever to implement sound. Sex and the City created an image of the woman of the late 90s – sexy, working, self-confident and without taboos when talking about sex. The consequences for Warner Brothers? A worldwide success that continues to this day, tourists who travel to New York solely for the original settings, and empowered viewers who make their favorite characters their idols.

When we think of films like Inception or Harry Potter, the special effects and catchy melodies also stay in our eyes and ears. Inception remains in the memory with worlds that rotate in the head or the permanently circling circle. A brief reminder of the world of the wizards from Hogwarts and the sequence of sounds that was so characteristic of all eight Harry Potter films resounds in your head: Dü-dü-dü-dü-dü-dü-dü-dü-dü-dü

The Warner Brothers helped define storytelling and are rightly celebrated as giants of the craft. They have proven that storytelling knows no boundaries and inspires imagination, creativity and fascination in listeners and viewers. Their 100th anniversary is thus honored on many different levels. Mark A. Vieira, for example, wrote an ode to the history of the film production facility to date. The book is called “100 Years of Storytelling” and does much the same thing we do here: Giving the Warner brothers a well-deserved star in the Hollywood sky.

A leap through the screen: Warner Brothers Studios brings fascination to our world

But with the Hollywood productions, there seemed to be no end in sight for the Warner Brothers. Because with the enchantment of all spectators:inside it became clear that stories were written, which still hold much more potential.

So the film studio transferred their fantasies into the real world – they opened the gates to their studios in London and since then let film enthusiasts marvel at the real sets, props and original costumes with sparkling eyes. Given the storytelling power of Warner Brothers, it’s no surprise that many visitors arrive dressed in replicas from the film. The opportunity to slip into their own favorite movie for a few hours is probably a childhood dream come true for many. At the latest during a walk through the Winkelgasse, every visitor dreams himself out of reality and into a universe that seems so exciting that his own heart begins to beat faster.

Likewise, until a few years ago, the extended fantasy of Warner Brothers Studios could be experienced in Germany. Warner Brothers Movie World featured movie-based rides such as Blazing Saddles, Josie’s Bathhouse, a Wild Mouse called Tom & Jerry’s Mouse in the House, the Loney Tunes Carousel and a Marienhof Carousel. Original backdrops could also be admired in individual halls. In the meantime, however, the licenses have been sold and a change of ownership stripped the Warner Brothers name.

A turning point in the film industry: Hollywood now takes place on streaming platforms

Yes, we still like to go to the cinema, love the experience, the volume, the fever together. And yet for many of us it has become a rarity to embark on that adventure on a Wednesday evening. Why should it? Streaming services have an enormously broad mass of entertainment material available for a fixed monthly fee, so we can soak up similar stories entirely without moving.

Quentin Tarantino, a veteran and a legend of the film industry, was at OMR in 2022 – Germany’s largest marketing trade fair. He emphasized this change several times and looked emotionally at a digital turning point for Hollywood and cinema. According to his own assessment, a thick layer of dust is currently covering the art of filmmaking.

Empty movie theater with red chairs.
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For Warner Brothers Studios, too, it has been a matter of rethinking for several years, moving with the times and redesigning previous structures. And so the film studio gave the world further streaming services – discovery+ and HBO Max, which are going to be merged in the future. It remains exciting to see how the company’s own productions will shape up for the platforms and whether the trademarks as well as the quality of the film giant will be preserved.

Fact is that Hollywood carries the Warner Brothers name and will forever shout it out loud. The new paths paved by the four brothers in the industry will continue to inspire and encourage many filmmakers to break boundaries. Because good stories, strong characters and fascinating worlds shouldn’t stop on the page. They can and should be brought to life – imprinted in minds through melodies and lived on beyond the screen. We celebrate Warner Brothers just as they rightfully celebrate themselves – for 100 years and for at least another 100. Thank you for storytelling of all best ways possible!!


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