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If you take a look around your own ranks, you will quickly discover that your own team is also active on social media and can report most authentically from the company. After all, the brand’s own employees know the organization best, embody the corporate culture and values in their day-to-day work, and can also exchange professional views on relevant topics and current events. In theory, all employees can become corporate influencers. Probably everyone reports on their own work from time to time among acquaintances or online and thus creates an image of the company. Doesn’t that make everyone a corporate influencer? No, because the activities of selected brand ambassadors are specifically controlled and promoted. But who is actually suitable for this?

Our corporate influencer training helps your employees to become effective brand ambassadors for your company. The goal of the workshop is to empower your corporate influencers to spread the company’s message and values on social media and other platforms.

The seminar will cover topics such as social media best practices, content creation and personal branding. Participants also learn about a company’s brand voice and how to connect with potential customers and respond to feedback.

Corporate influencer training is beneficial for both your employees and your company. By participating in our workshop, your employees can strengthen their personal brand and professional development while helping to promote your company. The organization will in turn benefit from increased brand awareness and social media engagement.

Participants will be provided with valuable tools and programs to do just that. From brand story strategy to posting, participants gain insight into storytelling and content marketing and develop initial topics and formats together.

Main topics

  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Storytelling basics
  • Content planning and creation
  • Community Management

We offer

  • Tailor-made workshop exactly according to your needs
  • Flexible choice of date and location, or as a webinar
  • With catering on request
  • Certificate
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