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More and more people are achieving high reach with personal articles, photos and self-made videos. Bloggers, YouTube stars and Instagram stars have long since gathered as many readers and followers around them as successful and established media formats. As opinion leaders of a digital generation, they have naturally also become an important mouthpiece for companies and brands to reach their intended target group and must not be neglected when planning communication strategies. In this way, PR, marketing and the company’s own social media channels are supplemented by authentic content that is very close to the target group – with the help of influencer marketing.

In itself, this collaboration is nothing new. Companies have always relied on testimonials for advertising purposes, which transfer their own positive image to the brand. However, in times of media change, companies must now cooperate with those influencers in whose channels their target groups also spend time. This is where the bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers come into play, who have supplemented or in some cases completely replaced the classic media among the young target groups. But bloggers are not only active digitally in social media, such as Instagram, Facebook & Co. A content marketing strategy that is uniquely tailored to the brand can also be rounded off with events that inspire the influencers.

Despite the comparable online reach, however, addressing and collaborating with influencers follows very different rules than traditional press relations. To ensure that companies keep all strands firmly in hand, the management of influencer collaborations includes binding agreements and meaningful monitoring. In our Influencer Marketing Workshop, we will provide you with the necessary tools to set up your own influencer strategy, identify the right opinion leaders and win them over with the help of sound theoretical principles, practical examples and hands-on exercises.

The seminar is aimed at companies that want to use influencer marketing effectively for themselves or improve their own skills. As an agency, we offer individually tailored workshops and one-on-one training sessions that focus specifically on concrete challenges and issues.

Key topics

  • Basics of influencer relations – core tasks, differentiation from classic press relations
  • Requirements/special features of influencer communication
  • Do’s and don’ts in dealing with influencers
  • Identifying topics and planning influencer activities/campaigns
  • Best practices

What we offer:

  • Customized seminar exactly according to your needs
  • Flexible choice of date and location, or as a webinar
  • With catering on request
  • Individually tailored training concept
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