Community Management

Used correctly, it brings your brand to life: Community management is one of the most important tasks in social media marketing. Here you can get in direct contact with your customers, be there for them, inspire them, smile at them. On Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co. your target group gets the contact person they have always wanted. Your company becomes close and personal.

Good social media community management is essential for building and maintaining customer relationships. But not only that. By managing your community in the right way, customers and prospects become more than just consumers. They build a personal relationship with the company, answer questions themselves, share ideas and give direct feedback. Your social media community is interested in moving the product forward and is just waiting to hear from you.

Der Wandel vom Klischee zum Vorbild
Edeka: Fahnen unter blauem Himmel Storytelling (stock.adobe)
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Fashion Storytelling: Warum Mode und Geschichten so gut zusammen passen wie in einem modischen Coffee Table Book symbolisiert.
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Storytelling in der internen Kommunikation

Numerous comments on Facebook, direct messages on Instagram and many shares on LinkedIn – who keeps track? Our social media managers listen carefully. They support your community, answer inquiries and are an important part of customer support. In doing so, they uncover all the wishes and moods of your community and identify potential for optimization.

Social networks are characterized by a fast pace. Users of Instagram, Facebook & Co. are used to short response times and expect quick answers. If these are not forthcoming, they feel that they are not being taken seriously. Standard messages are also directly debunked. Professional community management responds to the needs of followers and gives quick and individual answers.

The great advantage of social media, reaching very many people very quickly, can also become a disadvantage. Due to the high level of anonymity, comments below the belt or a shitstorm unfortunately often occur on social media channels. This is where the professional crisis management of our social media managers comes in. They know what to do and respond authentically with the brand voice of your company.