Establishment of a Corporate Culture

A sustainable corporate culture thrives on shared values, social principles and, of course, shared experiences. It is the foundation that holds the entire team together and equally picks up everyone and motivates them to actively help shape the shared vision. In practice, establishing a corporate culture often seems more difficult than expected. A wide variety of personalities bring with them their very own wishes, needs and goals. The core task of leaders should therefore be to involve the entire team in the development of a corporate culture.

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Corporate Podcasts - Unternehmensgeschichten zum Hören

Corporate culture is a living construct held together by the values and stories of each individual team member. With the help of storytelling, internal experiences can be told in an exciting way and prepared for different target groups. This can be the weekly highlights of individual teams, anecdotes from the last group event, or the very individual hero’s journeys of employees summarized in a brand book. Information that seems dry at first glance can be brought to life with emotion, giving the narrative a deeper meaning. In the end, a common message with a “we” feeling emerges from the individual mix: together we are equipped for every challenge and conquer even new, unknown waters with teamwork, fun and optimism.

We find and tell your stories and stage them with the right heroes and heroines. Whether it’s a crisp message, a distinctive hashtag or an emotional blog post – we identify the right channels for your corporate culture and mission statements so that they remain in the minds of recipients.