Storytelling in Campaign Development

A successful campaign that attracts the attention of the target group is essential for every company. In addition to image building, campaigns ensure the loyalty of existing customers, the acquisition of new customers and the increase in sales of products or services. Today, it has become more difficult than ever to stand out from the mass of providers on the market. Successful campaigns have in common that they appeal to us with a lot of creativity or even humor and show a clear vision that people want to be part of. They must be authentic and penetrate deeply into the needs of the target group. A prerequisite for a successful campaign is that a brand is clear about how it wants to position itself.

Der Wandel vom Klischee zum Vorbild
Edeka: Fahnen unter blauem Himmel Storytelling (stock.adobe)
vc gitem image - Storytelling in Campaign Development
Fashion Storytelling: Warum Mode und Geschichten so gut zusammen passen wie in einem modischen Coffee Table Book symbolisiert.
Disney*Pixar Studios
Storytelling in der internen Kommunikation

As a storytelling agency, we know exactly what message will make you heard and remembered by your target group. Together with you, we develop a strategic positioning, a target group analysis and support you in budget planning as well as in selecting the appropriate channels. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a guerrilla campaign or a cross-media campaign in print, digital or TV. Together with your message and our ideas, we conquer the mindset of your target group and ensure the necessary reach in B2C and B2B.

We have years of expertise in developing successful campaigns. With our teams, consisting of specialists for social media, moving images, print and online, international communication and events, we implement every message in such a way that it is in the right place at the right time and makes you known and sustainably anchored with your target group. In doing so, it is always our concern not to ignite mere one-shots, but to develop a sustainable campaign that continues your story like a series in the long term.

You know who you are and what you want? We are on fire with our ideas and want to ignite the fire for you with your target group.