“Lights, camera and action!” – Videos are among the most popular formats in content marketing and are the ideal tool for gripping storytelling: They allow stories to be told in 24 frames per second.

Videos appeal to two senses at once: Seeing and hearing. While audio formats are sometimes consumed in passing, “moving images”, on the other hand, attract full attention. This allows significantly more information to be conveyed – in other words, more room for interesting stories!

Lively video content can be used on a wide variety of channels: on your own blog, on social media or at events. At first, the production may be a bit more complex than with other formats. However, the high effectiveness and professional impression pay off. Videos make it possible to address viewers more directly on an emotional level than other formats. The communicated stories and messages can thus be transported to the target group very easily. In addition, this form of content marketing is very versatile: from a ten-second film to a long image film, videos can be used for communication in any form.

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Junge bei Starbucks
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Storytelling in der Forschung
In The Long Run Mercedes Kampagne

Whether serious message or funny entertainment content, no matter which channel is to be served: We support you in emotionally charging moving images with stories and captivating the audience. To do this, we first develop the plot, cast it in a script and organize the implementation. We have a broad network of different experts with whom we realize shooting and post-production together. Together with the different specialists and trades, we create high-quality videos that keep the audience hooked.

Now we just have to immortalize your fantasies “on tape”. So please be quiet on the set, we are shooting!