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Arouse emotions and convey messages: The power of moving image production

Whether it’s a serious message or funny entertainment content, no matter which channel is to be used: As an agency for content and PR, we help to emotionally charge moving images with stories and captivate the audience. To do this, we first develop the plot, pour it into a script and organise the implementation. We have a broad network of different experts with whom we realise the filming and post-production together. Together with the various specialists and trades, we create high-quality videos that keep the audience engaged. Our aim is for viewers to not just passively consume the content, but to actively empathise with it and put themselves in its shoes. To achieve this, we rely on an appealing visual language and a targeted selection of music and sound effects. Acting or the use of animation can also help to ensure that the message of the video reaches the audience even better.

But our work does not end after the editing of the final film. We also provide support with distribution via various platforms such as YouTube or social media channels and ensure that the video reaches as many people as possible.

Whether for companies to promote their image or present their products, for artists as a music video production or simply to share funny moments with friends – moving images have long since found their place in our everyday lives. And we are proud to say: with us, this place is guaranteed to be a special one!

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How lively video content takes your company to a new level

Live video content can be used on a wide variety of channels: in your own blog, on social media or at events. Production may initially be a little more complex than with other formats. However, the high effectiveness and professional impression pay off. Videos make it possible to address viewers more directly on an emotional level than other formats. The stories and messages communicated can therefore be conveyed very easily to the target group. This form of content marketing is also very versatile: from ten-second videos to long image films, videos can be used for communication in any form. Another advantage of video content is that it can be optimised in a targeted manner. Through careful keyword research and search engine optimisation, videos can be placed high up in Google search results. This not only increases the visibility of the brand or company, but also the trust of potential customers.

Videos have become an important part of a successful marketing strategy, particularly in the area of social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are increasingly focussing on moving image content and rewarding it with greater reach than static posts.

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Video communication in employer branding: the key to motivated and productive employees

In addition to purely promotional use, videos are also ideal for internal communication: Training videos make it easier for employees to familiarise themselves with new areas of responsibility, thereby boosting their motivation and productivity. Videos are also ideal for communication between different departments. For example, complex relationships or processes can be explained clearly and comprehensibly, which can lead to improved coordination and more efficient workflows.

Another advantage of training videos is their flexibility: employees can watch them at any time – whether during the familiarisation phase or later as a refresher course. In addition, the use of interactive elements such as quizzes or case studies allows learning content to be communicated even more effectively and increases participant engagement.

In addition to training videos, information videos are also ideal for internal communication, for example to provide information about new products, projects or strategies. An appealing visual presentation increases attention and information is better remembered.

Lively video content offers numerous opportunities to increase brand visibility and to address target groups more emotionally – both externally and internally within the company itself. The slightly higher production costs are well worth it!

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