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Corporate publishing for a strong employer brand

Whether via social media, newsletters, podcasts, their own book, business TV or a blog – companies communicate with their employees and target group via various channels. This takes time, creativity and leisure, which not all companies can afford. However, this should not be the end of the story. We are happy to take over corporate publishing for you and help you to maintain your employer brand.

What began as an extension of advertising has now developed into relevant content and formats for employees and stakeholders. Corporate publishing is aimed at employees as well as customers. It aims to offer them added value and strengthen their sense of belonging to the company. Essential for retaining good employees in times of the war for talent! Other addressees of corporate publishing include shareholders and press representatives.

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For us, storytelling is always at the forefront. What stories can we tell to emotionally appeal to and inspire your employees and customers? From exciting reports and portraits of employees to behind-the-scenes articles, we use a potpourri of different stories to make the personality of your company shine in a journalistic way.

Whether you “only” need an editorial plan for your blog, social media channels or your company’s own podcast, or perhaps you want to completely outsource your newsletter or offer something to “hold in your hand” with a print magazine – let’s embark on the adventure of corporate publishing together! Because we are convinced that a good story is the best way to reach and inspire people. With our know-how and our passion for writing, we create content that not only informs but also entertains.

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At eye level with us: Successful collaboration in corporate publishing

Our aim is always to present your brand authentically and enter into a dialog with readers. This is the only way to create a connection between the company and its customers or employees – a relationship at eye level. And who knows? Maybe we’ll even find new business partners through our joint work in the field of corporate publishing. In any case, we look forward to getting to know you! But we don’t just offer first-class content and an authentic representation of your brand. We also place great importance on working with our clients to best meet their individual needs. Our experienced team of editors, graphic designers and marketing experts work hand in hand with you to develop customized solutions for your requirements. We always focus on the highest quality and creativity – after all, you as a company should stand out and be remembered. Whether it’s an attractively designed employee magazine or an informative newsletter for customers – you’ve come to the right place! Because corporate publishing is our passion.

Let’s create something great together – contact us today!

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What is the point of Corporate Publishing?

  • Strengthening the employer brand: Corporate publishing strengthens your employer brand and increases the loyalty of your employees to the company
  • Effective communication: You can communicate more effectively and in a more targeted manner with your employees and other target groups
  • Increased reach: Corporate publishing can help you achieve greater reach and therefore reach more potential applicants or customers
  • Individual formats: We offer you individual formats that are tailored to your needs and therefore provide you with a customized solutionWe not only provide the content, but also take care of the implementation and distribution via various channels.