Data PR & Data Storytelling

In many companies there are large data treasures. But using them for PR and content marketing is a big challenge. Finding study results targeted for press work and bringing them to life in written and spoken form – that is our data storytelling mission.

From press story to story: Data PR is more than just a press release

A press release on the results of a study by no means tells the whole story. We look for and find stories that will stay in the minds of the target group(s) for a long time. With a sustainable strategy, we continuously evaluate data collections.

For this purpose we advise you to bring your results into a storytelling format. Whether PDF, presentation or infographics – we bring data storytelling to the minds of editors, business partners, customers and new clients.

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Our services for companies

  • Design, development and implementation of long-term data storytelling campaigns
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis and optimization of previously published studies
  • Development of questionnaires and target group definition
  • Creation of graphics, infographics and landing pages
  • Creation of whitepapers on the data analyses
  • Writing press stories, such as press releases or bylines
  • Story pitching
  • Contact person for questions and advice