Onboarding Storytelling

Staff turnover is particularly high among new hires. 33 percent of new employees leave during the probationary period. For both employers and employees, every initial situation is associated with expectations and uncertainties. In order to involve team members right from the start in terms of content, socially and in line with the company’s values, motivation, the right to have a say and appreciation are the be-all and end-all. Positive experiences must be created as a future emotional basis as early as the first week of work. The new employee should be made aware of exactly where he or she fits into the company and why his or her contribution to the whole is so indispensable. Discussions about mutual expectations and the definition of upcoming core tasks are particularly important here.

Der Wandel vom Klischee zum Vorbild
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Fashion Storytelling: Warum Mode und Geschichten so gut zusammen passen wie in einem modischen Coffee Table Book symbolisiert.
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Storytelling in der internen Kommunikation

Employees can familiarize themselves much better with new processes if they can identify with the corporate culture. We show you how storytelling can help every new face to quickly settle in and feel at home. As communication experts, we know how you can communicate your company’s goals and strategy in a sustainable way, so that new employees are quickly motivated and can develop their full potential. With the right strategy, we can systematize your onboarding communication processes to strengthen the retention of new team members.

We support you in creating onboarding tools that ensure that new employees identify with you and can quickly familiarize themselves with even the most challenging issues. From the design of discussion forums, to videos introducing the company’s history or supporting learning processes, to onboarding blogs and learning academies, we are at your side to help ensure that every new member of your team identifies with your values and can develop his/her skills to the maximum.